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Steve Mouldey's discussion posts

  • Steve Mouldey 17 Dec 2013 10:37pm () in Why 3D printers?

    We are lucky enough to have a brand new MakerSpace with 3D printers when our school opens at the start of next year. So far I have been able to ooh and ahh over the printers at the Mind Lab and at Taupaki School so I am really looking forward to getting to use them with my students.

    I have been talking with one of our Technology teachers about working together on a module next year based around the use of the 3D printer. As part of our concept of Place/Space the Social Sciences teachers will have a focus on developing mapping skills. As 3D printers operate on cartesian coordinates (x,y,z) I see these combining to be taught together really well.

    In this manner the students can learn mapping coordinates, 3D printer coordinates, make a map of the area to test their coordinate skills and then use their skills to create and make something of their choosing that represents our place/space at Hobsonville Point. It's a starting point for me but I am very excited about what it could lead our staff and students onto in the future! I'm sure our Tech teachers have even better ideas than I do.

    For more on the opportunities that 3D printers and the like provide, I highly recommend reading Invent to Learn by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez - or check out the website www.inventtolearn.com

  • Steve Mouldey 19 Jun 2013 1:48pm () in Syncing Android tablets/phones with a Macbook

    Is there anyone in this group using Android phones and/or tablet whilst using a Macbook? Does this cause major issues or are the barriers able to be overcome?

  • Steve Mouldey 28 Jan 2013 8:55pm () in What do we need?

    I am keen for as many discussion topics as possible running here but what else do you want from this group?