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Kathryn Carey's discussion posts

  • Kathryn Carey 07 Sep 2013 9:26am () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    I have really enjoyed reading the korero.

    Our school is on a new and exciting adventure with the LCN - Learning and Change Network as a cluster.  It is powerful to learn with others.  The opportunity with SNUP is going to allow our schools access to the Fast Broadband option.  We have just got back from observing schools in Auckland that have been on the journey of e-Learning.  The message that I took away was that e-Learning is "embedded" in your school practice.  For it to be successful the leaders need to immerse the school and build this culture.  It is powerful for engagement and ultimately achievement for all of our students.  Clear planning and vision is paramount as finances are often the biggest barriers in schools with limited access to funds.  If we as leaders want the best for our students, we need to adapt our teaching practices to ensure we are catering to the very fast moving world of e-Learning.  The e-Learning Planning Framework is such a brilliant tool to start with.

  • Kathryn Carey 13 Jun 2013 6:22pm () in Growing leadership of e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 - Resourcing

    Really enjoyed reading the discussions so far.  Dr Cheryl Doig summed it up to well in her interview.  It is important that principals commit to e-learning through the strategic plan.  There is a commitment and ownership that is required.  Not only does the resourcing need to cover the purchase of ITC equipment but the implementation and drive for change is vital.  PD to sustain the resourcing of ITC is vital.  Structures and dialogue of the vision of the school need to be clear to staff, board, students and the community.  You need to plan for the “dip” that is part of the expected progress.  Staff need to be part-of PD, an expectation is set that your school has to ITC.  The need for the implementation is based on student achievement and making a commitment to sustain this includes keep records of this change and the impact on the learners.  Students need to be involved at a capacity which truly utilises the ITC platform that your school has focussed on.  To promote “life-long” learners it is important that we equip our students.  The Government has made a commitment to get high-speed broadband into areas which will also help to implement this successfully.  Not only does the school need to commit  resourcing for purchasing the equipment, following up with PD, but also maintaining it which has an impact on property, personnel and finance.