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Tui Raeli's discussion posts

  • Tui Raeli 13 Nov 2013 9:53pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    The principal is a vital cog in developing a strategic plan for the implementation of e-learning. In developing this vision it should be interlinked with the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and student learning. This can be supported by best practice from a variety of sources (pilot programmes, established e-learning institutions, PLD, teachers and student voice etc) as well as looking at the context of his/her own school and what resources are available, required or needed. He will need to articulate this vision to key stake holders and have the support of the BOT, SMT and staff. I do agree with previous comments that having all staff on board can be an issue for some schools depending on the knowledge and experience individuals may have with e-learning. This can be overcome through developing a SWOT analysis which will feed into the strategic plan and inform the course of action for the school and any PLD that is required.

    Principals can take an active and practical role of modelling the use of this technology in their daily role and duties. This could be highlighted in the form of ‘bring and brag’ in morning briefing. Or using the opportunity in PD to model the use of technology in a session they deliver. This could be an opportunity for staff to see e-learning and its practical implications for their own teaching and learning.