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  • Lynley Schofield 25 May 2014 6:25am () in Transferring photos from i-phone 5 to a laptop - help?

    I have found a simple and easy solution to this problem. I too had problems getting photos, mainly off the IPads onto the computers, and with all my students taking photos, emailing them to me at a limit of 5 at a time was really tedious.

    If you log into Google Drive on your device you can upload them straight into Drive from the camera roll. No worries about data size or number of photos. Now the students can put them into their own Drive account and use them , or I can log in on my account if I I need them. Several children working together can all log in separately, and add them, or the students can share them with me or other students from their Drive accounts. It has saved me loads of time.
  • Lynley Schofield 09 Apr 2014 7:04pm () in When you go digital - something has to give...

    When we go digital this year, we're replacing/giving up .....traditional concepts and understanding of what learning looks like, and what learning is.

  • Lynley Schofield 01 Aug 2013 9:45am () in Fonts or solutions for a PC so you can type with macrons

    If you select Māori English as your keyboard by rightclicking on the image of the keyboard on the taskbar along the bottom of the screen- scroll down to you find Māori.

    Then before typing the vowel that needs the macron you type the key (`~) -which is the one below the escape button and to the left of the 1. Then type the vowel. The macron then appears above the vowel. Works online as well in documents.  Much quicker than having to insert the symbol.

    Ngā mihi nui

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