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Joanne Kiro's discussion posts

  • Joanne Kiro 05 Sep 2013 10:20pm () in Panui: Mana Tau Ora Day @ Thursday 12th Sep

    Mana Tau Ora Day @Thurs, 12 Sept 2013, 11am-2pm (Kaikohe Memorial Hall)

    This is a free community health promotions event to raise awareness around what health services are available in the Kaikohe community and how people can access these services. 

Health providers including Te Hau Ora o Kaikohe, Nga Manga Puriri Trust etc... will be attending to provide information and free health checks.  Contact robyn.reihana@twoa.ac.nz or phone (09) 4704542
  • Joanne Kiro 15 Jul 2013 1:09pm () in ILCCE Participation Panui

    Sorry try this link to open


  • Joanne Kiro 15 Jul 2013 12:37pm () in ILCCE Participation Panui

    Kia ora koutou.....

    Cant believe how fast this term has gone and with whanau, tamariki being sick
    during this time of the year, just keep well. I just want to mihi to you all for the
    awesome mahi you's do in your centre's. :) Also those of you's who are going
    on holidays......you lucky ones, but do enjoy and be safe :)
    Just to share, I had an awesome meeting with M.o.E this week. I did a DVD 
    presentation of the Marae 'Kaitiaki' Presentation and I must say, i admire all 
    the committment your centre's and staff put into the whole term and also the 
    marae visit last Friday.

    So on that note, I have a DVD presentation from Friday ready for you and I will

    come around to up-load to your laptop or computer, but let me know if your centre
    wants me to show case the presentation with the kids on a big screen like a movie 

    hour? I can do that too, just need your perferred time with your centre? 

    So thats our focus for the holidays:

    1: Bringing to your centre, the 'Presentations' (movies styles if you like, let me know)
    2: Virtual Learning feedback
    3: Whanau surveys (I will have them ready for next term)
    4: Centre files
    5: Preparing for our 'supervisors / management planning hui 'August 9th'

    Anything else your centre can think about.....just let me know thanks :)

    Above, under my photo click on a Youtube link and in  in 'Tags' a clip of 'Remus Leaf'
    Shadow Theatre story of 'In the beginning'

    Mauri Ora


  • Joanne Kiro 02 Jul 2013 12:28pm () in He Panui for Term Three

           Kohatu (Stone / Rock) Workshop

    Coming up for the holidays, we have the opportunity to have a young student


    with lots of talent to share with you her skills of Art on Kohatu (rock/stone).


    She is able to do a hour workshop with maori design and giving tamariki and 


    teachers / educators a hands on experience to add to your centre and 


    gardens by doing this along side you. If your centre is interested? 


    Please email me for a day and time within the school holidays that would 


    suit your centre?  
    (I will send another panui and attach some photo's of her mahi next week)




    August 9th is our next management hui at Ngapuhi office (12.30)to hopefully have all centres 


    feedback and plan for your next initiative and also have a guest speaker. 



    August 21 is our next ECE Network Hui at M.o.E office in Kaikohe (3pm) this is


    a bigger forum to view whats happening a local, regional and national level for all


    education in Mid-North, its also good to have your say as a service in Kaikohe.


    Guest speaker will based on ERO presentation on the new review system and 


    what it would mean for your service.

    Mauri Ora




  • Joanne Kiro 15 May 2013 3:31pm () in Panui: Mid-North ECE Network Hui (21st August 3.pm Kaikohekohe M.o.E Office

    Kia ora koutou,

    An Invitation to your Early Childhood Service: Management, Service Providers, Supervisors, Teachers and Educators.

    Mid-North ECE Network Hui

    21st August 2013


    M.o.E Office 113 Broadway Kaikohekohe

    *Focus: ERO presentation on the new review system and what it will mean for your service.

    Nau Mai Haere Mai

  • Joanne Kiro 13 May 2013 1:08am () in Ngā mihimihi

    Kia ora,

    Ko Joanne Kiro taku ingoa, i mahi ana ahau ki te Ngāpuhi Iwi Social Services - Language, Identity, Culture and Community Engagement Coordinator in support of the ‘Participation Kaupapa’ with the Early Childhood Services of Kaikohekohe.

  • Joanne Kiro 10 May 2013 3:46pm () in Language & Natural Resource Initiative (Term Two 2013)

    Emerging Natural Resources and Language initiative  with the inclusion of a Marae kaupapa

    (Whakapapa 0 Kaikohekohe) 

    Each ECE will be engaged in a lesson plan that encompass:

    * Mahere Akonga: Giving educators a whakatau process that allows them to be comfortable as a practice of welcoming manuhiri, whanau and tamariki in their centres. 

    * Integration mural over term two that enhances their service philosophy with whakapapa, whanaungatanga, tupuna korero utilizing te reo, Nga Taonga Taiao, Mātauranga Māori and  cultural awareness to enrich their understanding of 'Identity & Culture'

  • Joanne Kiro 03 Apr 2013 11:41am () in ECE Panui

    Nga mihi kia koutou nga kaiako o Kaikohekohe Early Childhood Services. Ka mihi nui kia koutou mo to mahi waiata nga tamariki Smile

    I have enjoyed filming and watching each service with their waiata initiative and just seeing the wonderful smiles from tamariki during the waiata sessions and on stage. 

    Waiata and Kapa Haka are a significant part of Maori culture. Providing and supporting tamariki with waiata or dance to enrich their words and expressions that preserves the wisdom and knowledge of their tupuna (ancestors) will also help support nga tamariki learning with:

    * Word recognition

    * Supports their sentence structure

    * Building their 'Te Reo' repertoire

    * Cultural awareness

    * Confidence in their own identity and belonging in this world

    (Kihi will provide a waiata selection on our network site, encouraging each centre to provide a variety of waiata to build tamariki knowledge base and looking at the meaning behind the words)

    Mauri Ora


  • Joanne Kiro 03 Mar 2013 3:22pm () in ECE Panui

    National Tamariki Ora Week Cool

    Monday 4th March: Tamariki Wellness Day

    Nau Mai, Haere Mai

    Where: Memorial Park Kaikohekohe

    Time: 11.30am

    • Well child checks
    • Before school checks
    • Dental resources
    • Activities 

    See you there Smile

  • Joanne Kiro 02 Mar 2013 9:10pm () in looking forward to networking

    Nga mihi kia koe mo to korero Raewyn

    Yes challenging behaviours has increased over the years and it’s fair to say that there are many situations, dynamics to consider and being attentive with each situation is a task on its own.  The first thing that comes to mind, is the close link between education and social development and how we as educators wear many hats in order to tautoko (support) holistic wellbeing for both tamariki and whanau within our early childhood sector.

    Just to share from my own experience and understanding of values and empathy, is that each person has uniqueness and a belonging that comes from their whanau. In their whanau is more than just a single parent or two parent family, a whanau encompasses; grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins. In a māori view as told by my karani ma (grandmother) is that she was the link to the pass, my parents were the link to the present and I’m the link to the future, this is how she explained it. Now I figured after all these years that my practice comes from my tupuna (ancestors) my karani ma role-modelled a practice that was called poipoi (nurturing) she nurtured us with our own interest, needs, talents and strengths which she noticed in her mokopuna (grand-children) at a young age.

    She also role-modelled and provided; reciprocal interaction, appropriate tone, compassion, reason, real life experiences like baking our own bread, being in the garden at an early age, waiata, visiting other whanau in time of need and many more but the only two rules I remember was safety and respect. To cut a long story short, there’s a lot of separation now with whanau, most tamariki connection are not in place to support them with all the important intrinsic worth that once was taught and whanau have been separated importantly not only from each other but their cultural values that was passed on through generations.  In saying that, you still have people who hold strong to their whanau connections values and beliefs today but maintaining that is for ever a challenge. It’s really important for those of us who has the strength to help tautoko (support) each other with that same model of practice from our whanau into ECE and schools, we not only build connection and relationships, we also make it safe for every tamariki in our community.

    I think this is where we as educators and ECE services set the kaupapa (which derives from the foundation we can lay or put forward as a purpose) of what is important in our centre. As an example; would be that when each whanau enrol their child, there is a common understanding for whanau to know your centre’s philosophy and engaging that whanau to have a sense of belonging that encourages them to be part of that philosophy, that benefits not only the educators and parents but also each child.