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  • FionaR 11 Apr 2015 3:37pm () in Flexible Timetable for a Junior classroom

    Hi everyone

    I run a flexible timetable with my year 6-8 (approx 95 students).  We use Google slides as a daily timetable where the students find the non-negotiables (things they must attend) and they fill this in each morning before school (or sometimes in the first 10 mins).    Our sessions are based on 30 min blocks and we run on sessions (not days of week).  This has enable our planning to be more efficient also.

    Students have their own copy of the timetable using google docs and they just fill in.  This is shared with homeroom teachers

    Other gaps during the day are timetabled by the students if appropriate.  They would find their workshops in literacy/maths or Inquiry and attend if they are being offered that day.  We have a tracker system (digital or paper) that they students complete with their  timetable each day which homeroom teachers check at end of each day to ensure students have got to what they needed to.

    This system enables us, the teachers, to be very flexible as to when we run our workshops and collaborative planning of the following day, at end of each day, is imperative.  

    Sometimes we see some kids doing maths at 10am, others are working on their Inquiry and some may be attending literacy workshops.  We only ever have 2 teacher from the 3 teaching at any one time and the other is the Learning Coach.

    Hope this helps :)

    Fiona Rossiter

    MLE Whakarongo School

    Year 6-8

  • FionaR 04 Oct 2014 6:50pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?


    I also teach in an MLE with 85 year 6/7/8 and three teachers.  We use google docs excel for all planning which includes tabs for each different teaching area.  Tracey I would love a copy shares of what you do as well please! It's so great having options to view now as when I started this journey three years ago we didn't have this luxury.  Thanks for sharing!!



    Nga mini nui

  • FionaR 30 Aug 2014 8:08pm () in Introductions

    Kia Ora

    My name is Fiona Rossiter and I teach at Whakarongo School in Palmerston North.  I am lucky enough to teach in  an Intemediate Modern Learning Environment and have now been in it for almost 3 years.  I am Head of maths at school and I'm always looking for new ideas to engage our kids in this area.  We are full digital and rahter lucky with the amount of devices we and our students have access to.  Really looking forward to learning from others involved in this group.

    Nga mihi nui