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  • Ra Ellingham 13 Oct 2014 8:05pm () in An app for Wordpress blogs

    If you have recently updated to OS8 this may be the issue. apparently some developers are disillusioned with Apple so we are waiting to see if they redevelop the apps across Apple or just stay with Android. 

  • Ra Ellingham 20 Aug 2014 6:08pm () in School Apps

    We launched ours, by Snapp, earlier this year. Napier Int

    Had some issues around the events page updating. Ironed out now - keep checking while it beds in.

  • Ra Ellingham 18 Jun 2014 11:49am () in MLEs: Learning spaces and resourcing | NAPP Kōrero 6

    Having teachers who are prepared to examine their practice, where they have come from and what influence that exerts, enables teams to discuss what they really see happening and set up procedures for running shared spaces, plan for cross space workshops and be responsive to student feedback. 

    We found that a huge amount of debate between teachers was required to establish the routines for sharing equipment and space, just to settle the everyday annoyances before we started with students. Once the students were in we had them debate and set their procedures. It set up a great atmosphere of shared ownership and responsibility and meant that later the team were able to make spontaneous decisions and changes in response to a need and it was incorporated without fuss. It also encouraged the teachers to step back from being the ones in control (especially of 'looking after' new equipment/resources).

    Teams started to be more adventurous with planing challenging workshop series, working without a regular timetable and allowing greater student autonomy. A large part of this change in the traditional thinking and ways of working was seeing that students stepped up. 

  • Ra Ellingham 27 Sep 2013 2:45pm () in Are you coding?

    Hi Chris, 

    our group is mixed year 7&8. We meet on Wednesdays between 3.15 & 4.15pm. 

    Having another group of students to chat to would be great, or to ask questions of and learn from if they are more experienced than us. 

    Cheers, Ra

  • Ra Ellingham 25 Sep 2013 4:04pm () in Are you coding?

    Hi All,

    As a complete novice I've started a coding club after school working through Code Academy. It's a set of tutorials that lead you through writing HTML and using CSS files.

    We're lucky that we have a great parent to support the group who has a background in IT. What we'd like is to connect with other schools who are doing something similar so our kids can chat to others.

  • Ra Ellingham 09 Sep 2013 5:14pm () in Tellagami and the SAMR model

    Thanks for the explanation of the SAMR model. Finding it is a key point to reiterate that getting to play with apps is key to seeing the potential for what could be done transformatively. Having time to expore and the courage to try things out that may not work with students is a bit of a hurdle, especially if people feel limited by timeframes. Students are keen to try things out and discuss where they would make the changes. Teachers conversations around where they are at and how they can move up the ladder proving difficult to encourage.

  • Ra Ellingham 09 Sep 2013 10:50am () in Introducing...the Central North community online

    Kia Ora All,

    After taking a year out to do a PGDip eLearning last year through Massey I've come back to the Tech department at Napier Intermediate as the Food and Fabric teacher. Also taking Sustainability Ed with Schoolgen and Enviro Schools programmes.

    Love being part of the tech department with all the opportunities for new experiences and getting to grips with the design process. Plenty of opportunity to develop blended learning within this area.

    Would love to connect with anyone else in a similar role to discuss ideas or those experiecned tech teachers using blended learning in their programmes - especially ways to make the most of limited time frames!

  • Ra Ellingham 09 Sep 2013 10:44am () in Introducing...the Central North community online

    Hi Kassey,

    Love your blog. Great way to see your learning as an educator and inspiring for others. Have been keen to try out Minecraft but am lacking the class of experts. Definitley not going to get there on my own! Will live vicariously through your experience for a while while I try to figure out how to not dig myself into a hole.

  • Ra Ellingham 13 Aug 2013 3:19pm () in E-portfolios using devices

    Hi all,

    Love the idea of using Evernote for portfolio work Sam. Are you investing in the pro version? I love Evernote and have found it really useful - but limiting for collaborative discussion with the free version. Haven't thought about using it for portfolios. Will look forward to hearing about your experience.

    I used myportfolio with Massey last year and found it pretty easy to use - not a great interface and pretty cumbersome for kids to use.

  • Ra Ellingham 18 Jul 2013 11:28am () in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at a Glance

    UDI fits in solidly with the personalised approach to creating learning opportunities for students. I'm curious Roxy, to know if UDI literature encourages a collaborative appraoch as well. 

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