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Sally Roach's discussion posts

  • Sally Roach 10 Aug 2014 12:49pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    Thanks for that info' Vinka. Yes very interesting! (and you did distract me!....Smile)

  • Sally Roach 10 Aug 2014 11:46am () in Section A: Overall Impact


    I tried not to repeat too much in Section A and although I wrote this last, I kept in mind that this section would probably be their overall first impressions and introduction to my work. I focussed on the planning and the social,cultural and academic learning and the positive outcomes (data)for all diverse learners. 

    Like you all though, I am unsure if I have it right! I posted mine off last week so there is no changing it now! Surprised

    I have received an email to confirm it has arrived.

    I had a birthday party to organise and celebrate this weekend so needed to have it done! Best of luck with the finishing touches and looking forward to that up and coming celebratory drink!

    Kind Regards

    Sally Roach 

  • Sally Roach 15 Jul 2014 9:51am () in Evidence

    I agree! SmileI don't think it states the amount of evidence allowed. It is hard to justify all that we do in half an hour although I guess they will build an overall picture in that time and they have a lot of teachers to get through.

  • Sally Roach 14 Jul 2014 6:31pm () in Portfolio

    Great! Well done. Guess you can enjoy a well deserved holiday now! Enjoy Cool

  • Sally Roach 13 Jul 2014 5:14pm () in Portfolio

    I think there is 7 panelists including a chairperson (going by the ad for their positions).

    TAI is Teaching as Inquiry. The research I used was courses I had been to or books I have read. Results relating to my TAI.

  • Sally Roach 13 Jul 2014 2:58pm () in Portfolio


    It is tricky! You would be glad you're nearly finished! In answer to your questions. 

    I think pages would be fine as long as you can place your text on the page provided. 

    Test results,research and reference to priority learners I have done in my TAI.

    I have tried to stick to the 500 words as I know they have a lot of portfolios to go through.

    Links to blogs I have used sections rather than the whole lot.

    The overveiw -  I havent done that yet!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    Kind Regards Sally

  • Sally Roach 13 Jul 2014 11:14am () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Good thought  Janene! Be great to know. I was thinking- to print first page as it needs signatures and then put the rest on pen drive. Thats where this forum is great as it shows we all think differently!Smile

    Also, When you tag your evidence - do you think we can abbreviate the file name? -There example is  - Evidence no.27 and then title- I would like to do - Ev.27 and then title so that the number shows up on the file name and is not lost in the length of the title. Hope that make sense and you can follow me on that. 

    Then I presume we just bracket the evidence title in the text where appropriate. I know we had to get this bit exactly as asked.Undecided

    Happy Portfolio-ing! 

  • Sally Roach 13 Jul 2014 11:02am () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Hi Gail

    I think you have to submit main body word doc. electronically not on paper as ststed under the criteria - (If you don't have pictures and just words) - write text on a word document with word count (under tools) then copy and paste. The text moves up and down with arrow keys ( I presume this box fits the 500 words) and when you click it highlights the whole text initially....click again to edit. Click side of page and it will jump to fit. Maybe that helps

  • Sally Roach 11 Jul 2014 12:55pm () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Hi Megan,

    Good on you! Please read ACET guide - Page 1 - "Sending in the Portfolio requirements" - are you aware it must be sent - but not by fax or email. Great day for enjoying the sun today.

    Kind Regards Sally