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Susan Feron's discussion posts

  • Susan Feron 29 Jun 2013 7:44pm () in What is your best practice.

    My year 7&8 students are now doing all thier creative writing on google docs.  It enables me to share a template with students that has differentiated learning outcomes on it and a space for self reflection.  About to use goobric to mark this weeks writing.  It looks exciting.

  • Susan Feron 29 Jun 2013 7:29pm () in Year 7 & 8 first time LEARNZ

    We have just completed the Wandering Whales learnz unit.   The class have really enjoyed finding information out through the audio conferences and ask-an- expert.  We were a speaking class.  This was great for improving thier listening for information skills.

    I used the background information for guided silent reading groups.  It was fantastic to really challenge the students vocabulary and understanding of complex texts.  I found out the reading age using word.

    We sent an ambassodar on the trip.  I was surprised that the students enjoyed this. 

    Next time we do a learnz field trip I would cancel maths and unrelated writing so that the students had more time to look at the diarys, videos, and photos during the week of the field trip.

    The information and thinking the students did during this field trip was fantastic.

  • Susan Feron 24 Jun 2013 11:46am () in Sharing and Marking google apps with free extns.

    Doctopus and Goobric are two free extns for google drive files.  Well worth a look at for those schools who don't have Hapara.

    I am loving sharing google files with doctopus.  It makes it very easy to create a template file and share it with the class.  My template files all have success criteria and reflection spaces on them which means that this now happens for every piece of work.  

    Doctopus is created in a spreadsheet that has links to each students docs.  makes it very easy to mark.

    Goobric is another add on extn that can be used with doctopus.  It lets the teacher link a marking rubric to each doc.  Marking and making comments becomes a breeze.

  • Susan Feron 13 Jun 2013 8:46am () in Feedback, marking and storage of work using devices

    Hi Amy,

    I used to use wikispaces.  I think it is far better than google sites.  There is a big push at school to use Google Sites.  We want to have consistency of platforms across the school so I need to persevere with google sites for now.  I am being hopeful that there are workarounds for some of the problems I am having with google sites.


    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 12 Jun 2013 10:41pm () in Feedback, marking and storage of work using devices


    I am having the same issue with marking stuff on devices.  Google docs is fabulous for this.  We have just started indiviudal blogs for uploading writing to which is working well too.  I wonder at the privacy of commenting with constructive feedback in such a public forum though.  

    I have the students uploading most work to their google site which enables us to see the progression of ideas in our inquiry learning.  I just hate how I can't leave comments on it and it is impossible to upload some things like audio files.

    I have found myself using the tablets less since we started google docs and the blog.  I want to get back into this.   It seems to be trial and error working out what we can convert to images and pdf so we can upload to blogs or gsites.

  • Susan Feron 26 May 2013 5:29pm () in Number of posts

    There is no way my class could do more than two posts a week and a comment.  11 periods out at other classes makes for a very stressed home room teacher wondering how to fit everything in.  This week I am giving the class the timetable and work for the and challenging them to put together the jigsaw.

     All part of the move to self directed, modern learning with inquiry and byod.  Unfortunately I have a core group of parents who think school was fine 30 years ago and dosnt need to be any different  now.   The joys of isolated, rural schooling with families who have  been in the area for 150 years.   They have very little idea of what is going on in schools elsewhere.   and now I want to make byod tablet or ipad compulsory.  I insisted with the principal that all teachers attend the l@s roadshow last term.   Now I have 3 more teachers wanting byod.  I think we need to do a huge pour campaign with the community.   If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful.   We have all the infrastructure and policies set up.   Just need upskilled teachers and community that is prepared to support. 


    Right time to end Sunday avo dreams. 

    Looking forward to blogging this week. 



  • Susan Feron 26 May 2013 2:31pm () in Digital Storytelling Apps for Android

    Have you tried 'show and tell'.

    It dosn't look lik e much in the editing phase but it publishes to a layout similair to an ebook or slideshow.  A couple of my students have used it and like it.


    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 26 May 2013 2:15pm () in Help!

    I can't seem to access the year 7&8 sheet 2 group of which I am a part.

    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 22 May 2013 10:06pm () in Quadblogging plan

    I decided to try out Fluency 21's online planning to make a plan for quadblogging.  I think I like the process of thinking things through.  It is available as a public plan so feel free to look.   They have some way of collaborating on plans but I don't know how this works.


    There aren't really many details about how to teach the stuff.  I use Lane Clark's processes for learning which may not be that self explanatory.

  • Susan Feron 18 May 2013 8:38pm () in Welcome

    The students individual gsites are linked to the class one.  Their blogs will link directly on a page from the class gsite as well as to their gsite.

    Excited about having links to others doing this.  Should be great having real audiences for our students as well as the professional support of each other.  Thanks for setting this up for us.

    Cheers Susan