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Susan Feron's discussion posts

  • Susan Feron 02 Dec 2013 6:19pm () in apps

    We have just discovered wevideo for making movies on android.  The child using it thinks it is much better than movie studio.  He had problems uploading to YouTube from movie studio.  This problem seems common on the internet although the others in my class havn't.

    Also had a student try out voice to text on the Google keyboard app.  He has tried a variety and hated them all but came bouncing in after 2 minutes with the work finished.  The big difference is that with Google keyboard you can choose that you have a nz accent in the settings.   Having the voice to text mic on the keyboard means that the student can dictate into any app and have it turned into text.

    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 02 Dec 2013 6:09pm () in Picassa issue

    Thanks for all your help.  I will be trying those solutions out myself  once reports are over.  Students have coped quite well with you tube once initial troubles were over.  Some decided Presentations was easier on their own.  Trying to persuade those with tablets to use animoto this week.

    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 28 Nov 2013 4:21pm () in Picassa issue

    I asked my class to make slideshows and put them in their blogs today.  Turns out picassa has changed.  It now requires you to be a google + member in order for you to do anything with picassa.  So...in the middle of report writing I am teaching my class how to download files to the netbooks, upload them to youtube, turn them into a slideshow and then embed them on their blog.

    Does anyone know an easier way of making a slideshow for blogger?  One good spinoff I have ideas for their values comments now.  Becoming a BYOD class has certainly increased the patience and problem solving abilities of all involved!

  • Susan Feron 18 Sep 2013 7:48am () in Marking Work in Google Docs

    I use doctopus for sharing docs and then add goobric to mark.  With goobric you can set up a marking rubric in a spreadsheet a and connect this to the students work.   When you want to mark the rubric opens in a pop up Window.  You select the appropriate levels and it inserts the rubric into the students work and emails them a copy.   Watch the you tube Algeria to learn how to do this. 



  • Susan Feron 04 Jul 2013 3:58pm () in App Sharing

    Thanks to my SeNCO ringing text help ireadwrite app is now avaliable in Nz for ipads.  It is similair to wordq but much better.   Shame that one of my strugglers have an android.  

  • Susan Feron 30 Jun 2013 7:24pm () in Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2013 - Māori Language Week 2013.

    Thank you all for the inspiration.  Here is the link to the activities I am getting my Year 7&8's to do.  They have a separate Te Reo teacher so I am piggy backing on all her hard work.


    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 30 Jun 2013 6:56pm () in Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2013 - Māori Language Week 2013.


    Would you mind if I shared this with my class.  I thought it would be a great way to get them practising their Mihi.


    Cheers Susan

  • Susan Feron 30 Jun 2013 6:35pm () in Android apps in te reo Māori

    Kia ora

    I found 'kura.'  It seems great for learning facial features when making your avatar.  So far my tablet is struggling to load the other games.  I think I need to be online with a full battery.

  • Susan Feron 29 Jun 2013 7:59pm () in Digital orienteering

    My year 7&8 student's Friday Afternoon adventure this week involved using an app called maverick to set up a digital orienteering course.  The students had to enter the coordinates of the location into the app then reduce the distance between them and the spot.  They had a great time, were physically active, reinforced map reading, compass directions and which hemisphere we live in.  One group put northern hemisphere in after the coordinate and were navigating to the ocean off Kiribati!  They didn't discover the mistake since school has ocean on two sides.  Lesson learned.

    Next week we are going to collect audio recordings of as many creatures as we can find in a patch of local bush.  Then we will repeat in some kind farmers paddock.  Hopefully they will get the biodiversity lesson.


  • Susan Feron 29 Jun 2013 7:51pm () in Inquiry Learning

    I want to take my class on another step towards 21st century learning.  Having achieved self-managed learning I want to move them to being more self directed.

    Does anyone have any ideas for inspiring, authentic inquiry topics that would also give scope for students to branch off and do a little investigating that is self directed?  My inquiry topics always seem too teacher directed and not enough inspiring problem solving.

    The only true problems in our community I think we could tackle are on the environmental care line however the primary teachers do these issues every year.   If I leapt off their interests it would be sex, poos, farts, rugby, netball and agriculture.  Unfortunately these topics don't inspire me!