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  • Granthod 06 Dec 2012 5:43pm () in Tools to support Explicit Instruction, and Effective Teaching practice

    I am interested to know about any Apps or iBooks that teachers are finding to be useful in supporting explicit instruction, across specific curriculum areas? In particular, I am keen to identify which functionality in particular facilitates good teaching practice, ( by making life easier for teachers, simplifying a common task, etc).

    I started searching for Apps a couple of years ago, that were relevant to the needs of my grandkids, but recently have got more interested in the use teachers are making of Apps in classrooms.

    It is so mind-boggling to see the Pinterest boards, or other lists of useful apps, -there are almost too many apps, and so far most that I have seen have been useful as tools for enabling creative expression or as 'reward'-type activities

    This is really picking up on an earlier comment from Marcus Norrish, where he expressed a concern that iPads might get used mainly for fast finishers, rather than as teaching tools.

    For example, I have had a look at apps for classroom collaboration across many iPads, such as Nearpod, and would be keen to hear of anyone who has used it in a class setting...?

  • Granthod 27 Nov 2012 3:28pm () in Guided Access

    Yes it is interesting that this group has over 600 members, while the Android apps group has 31...

  • Granthod 27 Nov 2012 2:20pm () in iPad trial

    You might want to have a look at Nearpod - its an interesting free App that allows a teacher to run a lesson on other ipads in a class, show video clips, see quiz results, etc. I would be interested to hear how it actually works in a real classroom!