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Lynne Crowe's discussion posts

  • Lynne Crowe 11 Aug 2014 2:22pm () in Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs

    Yes I have tried that but it doesn't indicate basic punctuation and grammar. I really want something like the grammar check in Word - something that will indicate that there are errors in the writing.

  • Lynne Crowe 11 Aug 2014 1:59pm () in Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs

    Hi Johan

    Yes I have but I can't get it to work properly. I want something free to use with Year 7 & 8 students.

  • Lynne Crowe 11 Aug 2014 12:29pm () in Punctuation Grammar Check for Docs

    Does anyone know of an extension or addon which will check for punctuation, grammar errors within docs? I have searched and found some like Grammarly but they don't seem to work within docs. I don't want to have to send students to Word just to check for those types of errors!

  • Lynne Crowe 11 Jun 2014 6:32pm () in Pages

    Hi Leigh

    Thanks for the link to the presentation. There is a lot of really valuable info there - have sent it to all our staff who are gradually becoming more acustomised to using docs.


  • Lynne Crowe 03 Jun 2014 8:52pm () in Chromebooks

    Which brand is preference for students? Teacher use? 

  • Lynne Crowe 02 Jun 2014 8:58pm () in Chromebooks

    We have 2 HPs (14 inch) which I love. We have yet to trial the Samsung but have 2 ordered. We also have an Acer - although I prefer the bigger screen of the HP I can see that the portability of a smaller screen is ideal for students. We won't be buying a bulk set of chromebooks but are looking to recommend them to parents for next year. My class (Y7 & 8) seem to prefer them to the 2 ipads that they have available. At present their first choice is still the desktop PCs! We are trialling byod in a few classes at present but haven't had a great uptake on this!

    Any lower decile schools (we are 5 but student ownership of portable device - apart from phones- is very low) have any comments to make on the impact of byod in their schools?

  • Lynne Crowe 28 May 2014 5:32pm () in Chromebooks and Data Projectors

    Thanks for the info re chromecast - I am looking into this.

    Thanks Allanah - I will certainly add anything else I want to know. The google docs presentation looks very useful - that's my investigating for tonight!

  • Lynne Crowe 27 May 2014 5:54pm () in Chromebooks and Data Projectors

    Just wondering if you are you able to connect Chromebooks successfully to a data projector? What extra equipment etc do you need? Thanks

  • Lynne Crowe 27 May 2014 7:59am () in Chromebooks

    Thanks for all the replies. We are a GAFE school and just starting with BYODs. We have one Acer which does seem a bit tinny!! Have just purchased 2 HPs 14" which look good - nobody has mentioned using these! I'm keen to try a Samsung as that seems to be the Chromebook of choice from the replies.

  • Lynne Crowe 26 May 2014 8:00pm () in Chromebooks

    We are just starting with some Chromebooks and wondered which one is the most popular/reliable in schools. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.