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Lynne Crowe's discussion posts

  • Lynne Crowe 29 May 2017 6:00pm () in Robotics for Intermediate

    Hi Stephan

    I'd really like to contact you as I want to begin purchasing some VEX sets but not really sure if what I plan is right. Can you email me lynnec@teawamutuint.school.nz?



  • Lynne Crowe 02 Dec 2016 7:56pm () in Robotics for Intermediate

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Having looked at both VEX IQ and Lego Mindstorms, I am tending towards VEX! I was impressed by a demo VEX gave at a local intermediate and their pricing and components are affordable. They also offer lots of support in NZ and have some great resources to begin with (many of which can be used with EV3).

    I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with VEX! We are not committed to anything yet, so the research is continuing!!!

  • Lynne Crowe 01 Dec 2016 3:07am () in Robotics for Intermediate

    Thanks Linda. What would you suggest as basic requirements to get started using Lego? Can you recommend a supplier?

  • Lynne Crowe 30 Nov 2016 7:43pm () in Robotics for Intermediate

    Thanks Emma. Are you an intermediate? I like the idea of only 10 students - this would certainly bring the robot cost down. Do you have students working in pairs, small groups or individually - just thinking of the number of Windows computers I may need if we decide to go with VEX.

  • Lynne Crowe 30 Nov 2016 7:40pm () in Robotics for Intermediate

    Thanks Chris. I had a quick look at Mbots yesterday, but we are quite impressed with VEX IQ which I think works out cheaper than Lego. We want to start with bare minimum and then add to it. We liked the idea of the Robot Virtual Worlds. If we can sort enough Windows machines we may just use that this year and look to purchase actual robots in 2018. 

    What do think is an ideal number of students to work with? These groups will be an option available to interested students - not part of a regular class programme.

  • Lynne Crowe 29 Nov 2016 6:33pm () in Robotics for Intermediate


    We are wanting to start some robotics groups in 2017. This year we have had a play with Scratch and some Sphero robots. We have recently been to a demo of VEX IQ and are keen on what that has to offer. We have also looked at lego robotics. Our problem is that we mainly use chromebooks. We have a couple of windoes machines per class, sets of chromebooks and one small set of ipads. With byod, most of our students have chromebooks! 

    So while cost is a consideration, we are wanting some advice on what path we should take. We envisage having some students with quite advanced coding knowledge down to the keen novice. 

    If we had groups of around 20 students, how many 'robot' kits would we need? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lynne Crowe 15 Jun 2016 5:10pm () in TV's vs. Data Projectors in Classrooms

    I still have my data projector but hardly used. I now have a 55" and 42" TV and use chromecasts - one for each. What I like about the TVs is the clarity of text etc compared to data projector. I have also got rid of my big whiteboard!!

    I am interested in the chromebit and would be interested if anyone can offer information re a comparison to chromecast as I have never heard of them. 

  • Lynne Crowe 25 Sep 2015 10:31am () in You Tube restrictions

    Thanks Carmen - that's maybe the solution!

  • Lynne Crowe 24 Sep 2015 12:03pm () in You Tube restrictions

    Totally frustrating! Yes we could do the Google Drive trick but some students want them on their blogs! Some of the student created videos play and others don't and there doesnt seem to be any reason. When you are trying to get staff to use new things, this type of hassle certainly doesn't help!!

    I have taken of student restrictions, so will try again later. But that should not be affecting teacher laptops!

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Lynne Crowe 24 Sep 2015 11:49am () in You Tube restrictions

    Here is the link to the video


    Students cannot play on Chromebooks or desktops or chromebox!

    I cannot play it on my HP laptop but can on a desktop PC.

    We do have YouTube restrictions on for students only - thinking that this might need to be removed!