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  • laetitia 08 Aug 2011 3:35pm () in eTeach HUB Group meeting two reflection

    While the readings were great for creating indepth discussion, the responses to the readings were the most interesting with great critical perspectives. The ongoing debate about the level of technology that should be in the classroom and different philosophies about technology will constantly challenge our thinking and beliefs.

    Are we modelling what a lifelong learner should be or that we stop learning when you have a job? Using technology in the classroom, where we bring in a new dimension, global collaborative learning, enhanced teaching tools, we still need to consider our teaching pedagogy to promote and allow opportunities for critical thinkiing and responses to thinking - allowing for discussion time, taking the learning to a higher level.

    The most important thing, I believe, that I got from both of these readings is for technology in the classroom, to be purposeful and meaningful. It must reflect a high standard of teaching that still caters for all learning styles.

    After all - its not the technology but how it is used! 

    Thanks to Karla and Dave for the opportunity to have the time to discuss and reflect on our own pedagogy and beliefs and how we can support others through this change into becoming effective 21st teachers.

  • laetitia 03 May 2011 3:55pm () in Introduce yourself please

    Kia Ora

    Laetitia de Vries. New entrant teacher at Wanaka Primary School. Smile