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Gary Sullivan's discussion posts

  • Gary Sullivan 26 Jan 2013 7:17am () in Individual i tunes accounts vs VPP

    Have 17 pads ready for next week as a trial for my high school 

    pE dept exciting times. Wi fi installed in the teaching room last week and I set up the pads. Thought about VPP but in end did sep I tunes accounts 

    could set up 11 devices to one account and as app using are all bar two or ree free apps it isn't Chopin to damage anyone much. 

    Dont have mac configuration so manual time consuming updates ahead and I'm sure many issues as I go into the dark with this in a techno phobe school living in 18th century here goes....

  • Gary Sullivan 11 Dec 2012 8:29pm () in Apple Configurator

    Very helpful post Catriona,

    i will get 17 pads in January but no mac to do configorator so looking at other ways to do set up of apps I want and updates etc looks lie being manual job but with only 17 shouldn't be so bad 

    will I NBC able to have 1 iTunes account or set up 17 arrraghhhh help!!!

  • Gary Sullivan 11 Dec 2012 8:21pm () in App Sharing

    Apps I love:

    socrative - great for quizzes, tests, assessing learning, pre tests etc and free!!!!

    Strip design $4.99 or something like that greagrew relate story board comic strips kids can up load from camer roll take pcs or Facebook 

    golf swing reader pro - cant remember how much paid less than $10 but great for bio mechanical analysis in NCEA PE

    I muscle $2.29 brilliant for seniors yr 12 /13 doing advanced workouts and learning about muscle use and finally

    marks and Spencer's -together decent underwear !!!

  • Gary Sullivan 04 Dec 2012 2:19pm () in volume liscencing , synching etc???

    i hope to be getting 17 Ipads for use next year and a wifi for my area only in my secondary school. Im getting this from my budget and PTFA help(wifi port access bundle). I have enrolled today with the apple Volume purchase thingy but wondered how poeple have managed their pads.

    I woont have the ict support a lot of others have as its a stand alone project

    i want to have my pads with the apps we will use in PE & health across yrs 9-13 and the pads will be multi users across the school.

    if you have done this kind of thing let me know - has it been easy what can be done


  • Gary Sullivan 04 Dec 2012 1:58pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    hi christine ive registered with the programme today and will be geting 17 ipads for a senior school multi users in PE across pe & health.

    im bit daunted by the process but want to get the apps i want and configure to 17 pads. I hope this can be done via wi fi as lont have a synch hub or anything like that.


    can it be done do you know?

  • Gary Sullivan 28 Nov 2012 7:32pm () in iPod touch in the interface magazine

    Interesting alternate for those not so tech savvy perhaps and could just use some apps but obviously word processing documents writing etc would b limited by size of screen and being so small ttheft what do people think iPod or plough on with iPad and adapt and learn 

    google docs sufficient to do work store and send for assessment in a senior school?

  • Gary Sullivan 27 Nov 2012 9:28pm () in Apple Configurator

    No it's as we don't have macs to arrange the configuration so the it support people would arrange organise and set up for us and as they say time is mmoney thanks anyway Andy at moment don't know how much this support cost be garybe gary

  • Gary Sullivan 27 Nov 2012 9:11pm () in Apple Configurator

    our IT people want to sell us this

    for just 17 iPads seems a little pointless 

    what would you recommend ..anyone ?

  • Gary Sullivan 20 Nov 2012 9:36pm () in V google drive and apps?

    WhichWhich would be best for I pad use?

  • Gary Sullivan 20 Nov 2012 8:16pm () in iPad trial

    Good luck I am hoping to trial for my learning area of PE next year If get wifi for my room then it will be a learning curve as the school is not well versed got ICT nor expertise.