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  • Melody McC 05 Mar 2015 7:25am () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    The boys do need to take responsibility for their choices, and accept the consequences of continued disregard for learning guidelines. This could include - not being able to use their devices - until they prove they will follow the guidelines, as well as involving parents in supporting the boys to develop self management skills. 

    I find parents are really supportive of appropriate device usage as they have paid a substantial sum for them, and want the students to use them for learning at school. 


    I hope this helps. :)


  • Melody McC 05 Mar 2015 7:00am () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    Good morning.

    I build a high trust environment and have high expectations of the students self management of their devices.

    Students' parents supply the devices for learning and we expect our students to
    use them in class for learning. Teachers spend quite a bit of time - unpacking
    what this looks like and what our expectations of school BYOD are.

    The students and their parents sign a user agreement which outlines their
    responsibilities and the schools' responsibilities ( in regards to devices)
    - before they are allowed to use them at school. This document is very
    clear about the purpose of BYOD, our expectations and their

    Trust is broken if - students change screens as the teacher comes over, or
    students are observed to be on sites that are not linked to our learning.
    If a student breaks this trust - they may not use their device nor may they
    choose where they will learn until trust is restored. If it was a case of
    recidivism, parents may be informed (depending on circumstance and appropriateness).

    I generally find that when;
    1.  There is a strong implementation phase including parent involvement
    2. There is teaching of expectations AND routines.
    3. Where expectations are explicit and clear
    4. Where policy and procedures are in place to support BYOD (parent
    agreements, school wide systems etc).

     The students follow the guidelines.

    I hope that this is helpful.

  • Melody McC 17 Mar 2014 8:28pm () in MLE- Do these actually raise student achievement?

    Evening Roger,

    I look forward to seeing Pegasus Bay School opening (I live about 5 minutes walk away on the Avenue)!

    I was interested in your Maths results which you say have increased significantly due to what is taught and how it is taught. What is it, do you think, that you are doing differently and has made the difference for students in terms of outcomes? What assessments are you using to measure student learning in Math?

    I am also keen  to find out to what extent you think that it is the MLE rather than MLP (Modern Learning Pedagogy) that has made the difference?

    We are working in an MLE and are developing modern learning practices (systems to enable quality learning to occur in a systematic way within the MLE). Having just started this year, we are just starting on the journey. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.


  • Melody McC 15 Mar 2014 9:45pm () in Anybody here?

    Hi we use Office 365 as a school and have BYOD in place as well. It is great for sharing documents amongst students and for enabling them to access word, excel and one note from any device without needing those on their devices.

    I use one note and its tabs as a quick way to organise records.

  • Melody McC 21 Feb 2014 8:21am () in Self directed learning in a MLE

    Morning Lisa,


    We would be very keen to hear about what you are doing. We have 4 classes and an MLE environment. We are moving towards MLE pedagogy. :)