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  • Vicki Maguire 25 Jan 2015 2:57pm () in Resources around using Google Classroom

    Thanks for sharing that. We are only starting with GAFE and Google Classroom this year. To start with it is only going to be in the senior syndicate. I guess the advantage I have has is I have used Edmodo and it is very similar in setup and layout....
    Your resources will be useful to share over the next couple of weeks. Thanks.

  • Vicki Maguire 28 Feb 2014 7:22pm () in Explain Everything

    Hi there, it more than likely is an internet problem by the sounds of it. Through blogger you can just upload straight to the blog, it does take a while but seems to work better.
    Good luck Smile 

  • Vicki Maguire 28 Sep 2013 5:33pm () in Chromebooks

    @Helen, that is a great review, very much worth th read.
    We currently have a range of device types available in our school and have some serious decisions to make as where to next. I a currently looking at chrome books vs. ipads so your reflection certainly helps clarify a few things. 

  • Vicki Maguire 01 Sep 2013 9:28am () in Introductions

    Hi, I'm Vicki from St Joseph's, Whakatane. I am fairly new to teaching Year 7 and 8 students and loving it. I have tried to integrate ICT's in all forms available into our daily class life. (It is limited because of the number of devices etc available but we are getting there) I believe that sandpit play for both myself and my students is an important part of learning.

    This year we have been lucky enough to be given 2 ipads for the class which we have enjoyed exploring. I am currently in the look for apps that might help some of my students that have upper and lower case issues that are not babyish. My thought is that maybe I can actually get them to design an app that would then be used to practise their knowledge and provide support in the junior school. Not sure what to use yet though...

    I am looking at BYOD's for the syndicate for 2014 and am keen to hear from others who have gone down this road. I currently allow students in my class to bring them in and use them but managing approx 68 kids accross two or three class with them will be a challenge.

    We currently use a class blog which I want to change and make more engaging, I would like to have one for each student in 2014 to use as a working document...I have set a few management challenges for myself so will be interesting to see how we go...

    I look forward to keeping up with, sharing ideas and reflecting on how things go with other like minded teachers. Laughing

  • Vicki Maguire 04 May 2013 4:33pm () in Successful wifi access for iPads to TV screens and projectors?

    I use AirServer and find it works perfectly...on two devices too

  • Vicki Maguire 04 May 2013 4:33pm () in Successful wifi access for iPads to TV screens and projectors?

    I use AirServer and find it works perfectly...on two devices too

  • Vicki Maguire 04 Nov 2012 8:00pm () in Cameras in the classroom - what do you use and why?

    We have recently had the discussion about whether to update classroom computers with more cameras or ipod/ipad devices. As a staff we use a mix of personal cameras from smartphones (which are the easiest) to SLR's etc. It was decided by the majority to go ipad as they can be used for a number of things. So 9 of our 10 classes now have 1 each and we are setting challenges to get them using them for recording learning either as stills or movie then uploading to class blogs and WebDAV for the server. All going well so far. We would like to up our numbers to ideally at least 3 per class next year.

  • Vicki Maguire 02 Nov 2012 11:49pm () in WiFi in schools...

    We have recently put UniFi throughout our school and so far have had great results. In the past we have had just the cheapy jobs with a shocking network system which did not mix at all and we ended with loads of problems. Now the school has been snupped and we now have a stable backbone, UniFi works well. Admittedly we have nowhere near loaded it yet. It has given us smooth transition from area to area with no drop offs.

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