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Kerry Guise's discussion posts

  • Kerry Guise 04 Jun 2014 10:38am () in Blogs - public vs private

    We have a variety of blogs in our school; Pod blogs that have 4 classes contributing to them, class blogs for those that want to go down this route and kidblogs that teachers have administration rights to so that the work is published and viewed securely. One class has a link to each child's kidblog from the classroom blog. For children and teachers new to blogging we have 'break outs' and mentor workshops available with children teaching children. Our blogs are mainly to do with learning that is happening in each pod, with the kidblogs more of an e-portfolio showcasing their work. Our library blog is published by our school librarian and student library leaders and is used to bring our library into the hub of the school. Some classes use the library blog as part of their reading stations and have created google forms as a type of reading quest to give the library blog more of a profile in the school as well.

  • Kerry Guise 13 Mar 2014 11:48am () in Track Changes Finally

    I clicked on the link provided in the email above and manually installed the add-on. This worked and now I am able to track changes, great for management meetings and collaborating with colleagues. I can see the benefit of this for teachers and children as it is very clear when proof reading and editing occur after feedback and feed-forward comments from teacher or peers.