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MrsORoom12's discussion posts

  • MrsORoom12 21 Oct 2013 10:05pm () in Data

    I love this place! Thanks so much for your reply. You definitely answered my questions! I am leading our school in ICT and feel like I know very little about this side of it! We have a 40GB plan and are over quite often. We did increase our data plan but we may need to increase it more I think.


    Thanks again I might be in touch further if you don't mind!

  • MrsORoom12 21 Oct 2013 8:36pm () in Data

    Hi there does anyone know much about download sizes for iPads? We have 60 iPads in our school now. How much data (MB) would you expect to need in a school for  this many Ipads? We have 160 students and  6 iPads in each class. Feeling out of my depth with data stuff!

    Do iPads use data when not in use and do they use data when backing up to the cloud?

    Thanks any advice would be well received!

  • MrsORoom12 17 Aug 2013 1:25pm () in iPad observations

    I am a Wellington teacher and ICT leader of my school. I am wanting to observe iPads in action in classrooms, particularly the upper end of Primary school. If anyone is having success and would love to share I would be most grateful!

  • MrsORoom12 17 Aug 2013 12:56pm () in iCloud storage

    My school started using iPads last year. We are just starting to get messages across almost all of the iPads saying ' not enough iCloud storage to back up'. I know that 5GB of iCloud storage comes free with initial set up.

    Do most schools use iCloud for storage on their iPads? How are others managing storage?