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Janene Maloney's discussion posts

  • Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 12:43pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    Hi Everyone :) Hope you're going well with putting together your portfolios (or have already got them away).

    I'm strugglig a bit with Section A and what's required. Are they after a summary of all the other sections or maybe an overview of our pedagogy?

    Really keen to hear your thoughts and how you've approached it.

    Many thanks,


  • Janene Maloney 15 Jul 2014 7:27pm () in Typing into the Portfolio form

    Great thanks sue :) TeachNZ are aware of problems teachers are having with the PDF and are uploading a new file via their ACET website. Should be available now. 

    Cheers, Janene 

  • Janene Maloney 15 Jul 2014 6:19am () in Evidence

    Good question :) I haven't read anywhere about a limit as such, just a caution re: viewing limited to 30mins and to be selective especially with video length. 

  • Janene Maloney 15 Jul 2014 6:14am () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Great! No worries, glad it worked:)

  • Janene Maloney 14 Jul 2014 5:05pm () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Good thinking Megan! Nothing worst than losing a whole lot of unsaved changes. Doesn't quite sound the same when you try to re-type what you lost Surprised

  • Janene Maloney 14 Jul 2014 4:43pm () in Portfolio Content and Format

    I've been trying to ring TeachNZ all day to ask them about some of the questions raised here, but haven't been able to speak to anyone yet.

    Not sure how to fix the problem you're experiencing with typing into the PDF. Are you using Adobe or Preview? It seems to be working fine in Preview.

  • Janene Maloney 13 Jul 2014 10:32am () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Hi Megan

    Thanks Sally :)

    Also I'm not sure if the portfolios will be photocopied for each person on the panel to view or viewed by each then passed on. Might ring TeachNZ and find out. If it's going to be photocopied for each panel member then this will also influence how we decide to present it. 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts so far Megan. You've got it all in hand :) Good luck with pulling it together next week :)

    cheers, Janene

  • Janene Maloney 13 Jul 2014 10:14am () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Hi Gail, you've made a good start! Good on you!

    i gather you're typing in a word doc and have inserted a PDF? Try first clicking on the PDF then right click it (Or hold down CONTROL then click if you're on your MacBook). Select FORMAT PiCTURE, select LAYOUT then IN FRONT OF TEXT. You can then resize the PDF by clicking on the GUIDES on corner of the PDF or hover over it until you get the 4-arrow cursor, and click and drag it to where you want it. Hope that helps. Let me know if I haven't understood the problem you're having. 

    Are you inserting PDFs and pictures into the body of your portfolio sections?   

    Cheers, Janene

  • Janene Maloney 10 Jul 2014 10:21pm () in Portfolio Content and Format

    Hi everyone :) It would be great to hear how you are getting on with your portfolios.

    How are you all planning to present your Portfolio?

    What evidence are you planning on using to demonstrate your practice?

    What are you working on first?

    Keen to hear and share thoughts.

    Kind regards, Janene

  • Janene Maloney 10 Sep 2013 5:55am () in Supervised iPads

    Thanks for your advice Andy.

    Was also told about Photosync app (free) that quickly moves photo/vid content between devices.