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  • Janene Maloney 07 Jun 2015 8:25pm () in How's it all going with your preparation for ACET 2015?

    Hi Cas

    My understanding is that the 2014 portfolios that were kept, will only be used as exemplars to support the panel with evaluating the 2015 portfolios. They won't be available for 2015 applicants to view.

    In regards to your final query, my understanding is there were 336 successful applicants last year and will only be capped at 800 teachers who will hold the ACET recognition. This leaves only 464 available for 2015. If there are up to 600 people submitting this year, I assume that maybe some teachers have had changes in their circumstances and no longer qualify under the criteria.

    Cheers, Janene

  • Janene Maloney 13 May 2015 8:20pm () in ACET Recognition for 2015

    Hi Sarah

    Congratulations on being accepted to submit your portfolio. It is quite daunting at times but there is support out there through NZEI, TeachNZ, this VLN forum, ACET Facebook page, and others who were recognised in 2014. I'm sure the workshop you talked about will valuable in giving you answers to any questions you have, and also give you an opportunity to link/connect with other teachers.

    I'm not sure if there are any online examples of portfolios but I know that the ACET Panel requested copies of some portfolios that they found particularly exemplary, last year. You might want to contact them about this. 

    At the workshop, your NZEI reps may have invited ACET teachers along from 2014, to share their portfolios with you. Some of us who were successful in 2014 took ours along to the last NZEI workshop in HB to share. I'm also taking it along again to the next NZEI workshop tomorrow so that anyone who is interested can browse through.

    Hope this helps and all the very best.


  • Janene Maloney 27 Apr 2015 9:11pm () in ACET Recognition for 2015

    Hi Nicky :)

    I found the pressure of not knowing if what I was doing was right or not, quite stressful at times. It was really useful knowing what others were doing, and how they interpreted what was required. In the back of my mind I knew I had one real shot at sufficiently compiling my portfolio, so my advice to anyone considering submitting a portfolio is: start early - keep checking on the criteria required for each section - read the recommended prof resources - get advice and guidance when you need it.

    All the very best with your portfolio, Nicky.


  • Janene Maloney 27 Feb 2015 6:40am () in ACET Recognition for 2015

    Hi Sharon

    Yes, for sure! She is most welcome to join the forum. It is open to anyone. I found it a great space to share our experiences and ask questions. 

    All the very best with her application. 



  • Janene Maloney 23 Feb 2015 7:01pm () in ACET Recognition for 2015

    Kia ora Jeanette :) Welcome to the ACET group.

    I submitted a portfolio last year and agree there was a lot of work involved. It was worth the effort in the end but it was a huge extra demand on my time. I think for me the most difficult part was understanding what was required under each section of the portfolio, and never knowing really that I was on the right track.

    With 2014 being the first year for ACET submissions, there was quite a bit of uncertainty. Without knowing how many teachers would eventually be recognised at the end of 2014; I knew I had to give it everything I had.

    With 337 teachers now ACET recognised, hopefully we can support others looking to submit a portfolio this year.

    All the very best with your expression of interest Jeanette. Ask away in this forum; I know there will be many teachers including me that are happy to help.

  • Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 11:25pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    Hi Hillary

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and how you approached your portfolio.

    Not being able to use formatting in the PDF is a pain alright. Try using spaces between headings and/or capital letters. You could add an overlay of formatted text from another application also, then print out for your clearfile.



  • Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 8:58pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    Hi Barbara

    Sorry to hear your mum isn't well.

    I think organising your evidence after each Section makes it more user-friendly, with post-it tabs identifying reference number.

    I'm trying to be very selective with my evidence, always mindful they have 30 minutes to view and evaluate the portfolio. I worry if I included too much evidence they might not get through everything and miss something critical.

    How are you referencing your quotes and research sources in the body of the portfolio?

    Wondering if an overview of my current Teaching as Inquiry would be suitable for demonstrating Section A?



  • Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 8:12pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    Hi Sara :)

    I'm using a large clearfile as I've decided to submit most of my evidence in hard copy as opposed to digitally. I also have some digital evidence on memory stick. Sounds like you a well on your way with collating yours. Did you see the suggestion of how to organise the evidence on p.11 of the Guide?



  • Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 1:18pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    Hi Lorna :) Thanks for your reply. I guess if Section A is a summary of everything, much of the evidence will be the same/similar?

    I agree with your thoughts - it's been very daunting. I've spent a lot of time deliberating over it! I feel that there is only one real shot at the portfolio and have found this to be a lot of pressure in itself.

    One thing that came through when I met with others a few weeks back, was that there was no one right way to do it. With regards to too much evidence, I am trying to be selective so they have enough time to view everything within the allocated 30 minutes.

    All the best Lorna!


  • Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 12:45pm () in Section A: Overall Impact

    ...also interested to hear about what others have included as evidence for this Section.