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Kylie Gorrie's discussion posts

  • Kylie Gorrie 16 Jun 2015 3:01pm () in Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies?

    This year has been our first year in a MLE.  Two teachers, 1 teacher aide and 54  Year 7 & 8 Students.  Plus 1:1 devices with a mixed model of Chrome Books and iPads.  (School Owned)

    Before we even considered this approach there were several things we considered before making the transition. 

    • Pedagodgy - What is the practice that drives the learning
    • Teacher Strengths - We wanted a model where teachers teach to their strengths
    • Having teachers available for students not all tied up in workshops
    • Our students - What were their self managing skills like?  How can we set a programme that will cater for all?
    • Consulting our community on the change
    • Daily 4 for literacy and a Daily 3 for maths- How would this work?
    • Furniture and spaces - what areas of the room would facilitate the environment we had?
    • Adopting a personalised learning programme (we are still in the process of this)



  • Kylie Gorrie 12 Apr 2013 10:48am () in Reluctant Readers

    Hi Kristen

    I would try the CSI literacy kits they have a range of kits from texts suitable from Yr 4- Yr 8.  Their texts are engaging and many texts appeal to boys.  My boys love these texts.  

    Here is their website link.