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  • Jacalyn Tapp 27 May 2013 7:33pm () in iPad apps and proxy settings - filtering......

    So can you clarify for me Matthew... If I bypass the proxy server with my iPad and have watchdog as well... That will continue to provide filtering for our iPads??? Thanks for the help... We use smarter also and have some issues with apps and emailing out from our iPadsiPads

  • Jacalyn Tapp 09 May 2013 8:16pm () in App Sharing

    Thanks so much ... It was that one!! Needte it to share with my staff. That's again I a appreciate your help

  • Jacalyn Tapp 07 May 2013 9:43pm () in App Sharing

    Help.. I recently saw a ipad teacher/education website ... that I now can't find where I saved it!?!? It was a site that you could look up the intention or purpose and find an app that fits.. i.e the apps were sorted according to whether you could use them for videoing, audio, etc... Anyone know that site??


  • Jacalyn Tapp 11 Nov 2012 8:29pm () in Eportfolios using Google Sites

    We are looking at trialling either google sites or blogs as eportfolios in 2013. Would love ago hear from others as well. Or will add what happens for us in the new year. Think it is crazy to pay for extras when something free and already in our school should be able to do the job. And I think bucklands beach intermediate in Auckland use either sites or blogs and possibly pt England - not sure about the latter. 

  • Jacalyn Tapp 17 Nov 2010 10:19pm () in Questions

    I like spelling city too but haven't got back to using it with the kiddy winks - Maia had a big burst on it for a bit. Have just been looking at free apps for my ipod touch to use in the class - quite cool, some dot to dots that then animate and move around, a counting one - but it had ads on it... and a letter formation/phonics one. 

    do you use top marks - I find that it has all the main literacy and maths websites listed. like hbschool.com and ictgames. Am planning for 2011 to make more ebooks that then become reading station. (: So much for report writing

  • Jacalyn Tapp 03 May 2011 6:49pm () in Introduce yourself please

    Oh hello... Jac here. I finally managed to work out my log in!! So Jacalyn Tapp, Goldfields Primary school, New entrant teacher Wink

  • Jacalyn Tapp 03 May 2011 7:31pm () in Rachel Boyd and elearning with juniors

    Not sure if this worked with embedding the video - let me know... But I can't work out how to delete the discussion either. So I have also bookmarked the video too.... on the book mark page (: