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Vanitha Govini's discussion posts

  • Vanitha Govini 15 Dec 2014 8:21am () in Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

    Talofa lava everyone, Hope you had a great year with your children !

    On behalf of 'e-learning in primary mathematics' group, I would like to 'Thank' all the members of this group for your participation and contribution to group discussions. I know that we have learnt a lot from the posts/ queries/ ideas shared by individual members and have been challenged as well.

    I would like to propose a change to the name / title of this group from 'e-learning in Primary Mathematics' to 'Primary Mathematics' as we know that e-learning will need to be an integral part of Mathematics. I would like to promote any discussion topics related to Mathematics and not just about e-tools as we know that e-tools will need to be integrated to transform Maths learning. Please indicate if you have any objection to this proposal or any other suggestions.

    Cricket 2015: Here is the link to Cricket Smart resources for teachers of Years 1-8

    Have a wonderful and relaxing break. Merry Christmas and New Year.



  • Vanitha Govini 07 Dec 2014 4:13pm () in Teacher-led Innovation fund

    Kia ora everyone, Hope you are celebrating the successes you have had this year with your students.

    I would like to update you with the latest Ministry initiative  - Teacher led innovation fund.

    This is an exciting opportunity for teachers to collaborate and work on an innovative project that leads to accelerated learning in any learning area. If you have been thinking about a project or an idea for years and haven’t had time to implement it, NOW is the best time as you will have the funds to materialise it (if selected).

    Here is the Teacher-led innovation fund VLN group if you would like to discuss your ideas with other teachers / leaders. Good luck!



  • Vanitha Govini 04 Dec 2014 7:56pm () in #mathschatnz on Thursday 8:30 pm !

    Twitter chat:   8:30pm tonight: "How do we make Maths thinking more visible?"

  • Vanitha Govini 04 Nov 2014 9:56pm () in Flipped Lessons for Decimals

    Show me is a great tool to develop your own personalised lessons. Teacher tools website illustrates numeracy pink book lessons, but we need to observe these lessons before we get our students to engage with these video clips.

    Just a provocative thought:In order to develop patient problem solvers, students will need individual 'Think time' to solve problems first and then work collaboratively with other students to solve problems. Teachers will need to observe, listen and then support students if none of the students can solve the problem. 

  • Vanitha Govini 11 Oct 2014 2:15pm () in Teaching as inquiry!

    Kia ora Mark, Thanks for starting this group. You have put in a lot of effort in compiling all the resources together. 

    I believe that 'teaching as inquiry' is the key to shift teacher practice and improve student outcomes.

    Keen to explore all the resources.



  • Vanitha Govini 11 Oct 2014 1:44pm () in Money week 13 Oct - 19 Oct !
    Discussion topic Started by Janine Mackay 10 Oct 2014 3:48pm on Financial capability VLN group /groups/profile/890918/financial-capability

    Money Week takes place this year between Monday 13 October and Sunday 19 October. By participating in Money Week, students have the chance to be future focussed learners, developing financial capability and key competencies. Money Week isn’t just about numeracy. Money Week provides the opportunity to integrate numeracy with other learning areas, such as literacy, social sciences, learning languages, and the arts. It also offers the chance to engage parents, whānau, and local businesses with learning experiences and conversations.


    How are you planning to celebrate Money week? How can we empower our students to be financially capable? 

  • Vanitha Govini 11 Oct 2014 1:39pm () in Money Week October 2014

    Thanks Janine. Just explored this link which has lots of practical ideas and resources to help support teachers to develop financial capability within students.

    I attended the financial capabilty workshop facilitated  by you and Dallas Graham at the National Library. I was inspired by your workshop and have been promoting integration of finanacial capability and literacy across all curriculum areas.



  • Vanitha Govini 10 Oct 2014 8:55am () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Louise, I am keen to look at your planning. Thanks for sharing!




  • Vanitha Govini 06 Oct 2014 9:17pm () in Connected Educator Month - October! Free f2f event organised by Cognition Education

    Hi there, the resources will not be available online at this stage, but we will have another f2f event soon in term 4. I will contact you with further details if you email me your email ID to vgovini@cognition.co.nz

    Have fun at Ulearn.

    Regards, Vanitha

  • Vanitha Govini 06 Oct 2014 9:11pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Tracey,

    I am quite keen to have a look at your planning as well.

    Are you able to share it with me? vgovini@cognition.co.nz