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Lisa Ferris's discussion posts

  • Lisa Ferris 26 May 2016 7:01am () in BLOGGER Template

    Hi Nicki

    I am not sure about Blogger, but you can set up a template using Google Sites which is another 'blogging' type Google app.  Sites is able to be public, private, and fully shareable with others on your domain.



  • Lisa Ferris 06 Aug 2015 8:05am () in Throw a challenge my way

    Hi Allanah

    Might not be the right place to ask, but here goes.  We have an ipad that has been completely 'locked out' by a student that is no longer at our school.  The teacher took restrictions off and he cleverly put a passcode on and we can not access it.  Any quick fixes? 

    Most appreciated


  • Lisa Ferris 29 May 2015 3:47pm () in Student Management Systems

    Very interested in this topic.  We are also currently looking at a change in our SMS.  We are currently using Musac but find it tired and slow.  I have been told by many senior managers that they are using etapp with great success.  

  • Lisa Ferris 04 Sep 2014 7:59am () in Daily Notices

    Hi Kirsty

    We use GAFE calendar.  We have both staff notices and school notices.  It's so easy to use, notices and bookings can be made in advance.

  • Lisa Ferris 06 May 2014 3:31pm () in Students Email Accounts

    Hi Cameron.  We use school domain as we are on Google Docs, easy to transfer chn between classes at the end of year. 

  • Lisa Ferris 30 Mar 2013 11:34am () in Parent discussion days

    Hi all.

    I'm wondering what strategies you used (good, bad and disasterous) for sharing students learning with devices in the classroom with parents/whanau? - small groups, class visits etc...

    I will be planning some parent sessions for next term and want to avoid any major pitfalls.Smile

  • Lisa Ferris 01 Sep 2012 2:05pm () in App Sharing

    Hi all, I have just joined VLN and am enjoying all of your suggestions for apps for use in the classroom.  I too am an avid user of puppetpals, which has so many applications in the classroom.

    My class also like Woxikon.  We use it to search for synonyms when writing.  Much easier than a lot of thesaurus apps I have looked at.  It is also available as an online dictionary at www.woxicon.com.