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  • Gaylene 27 Mar 2015 9:12am () in Web based apps to raise engagement for a RANGE of learners.

    At our school our year 4-6 classes are using blogs and the change in attitude from our reluctant writers (generally boys) has been amazing!! As they are on personalised timetables, some of the boys have opted to spend entire 2 hour blocks writing for their blogs (about topics they are interested in). These are emailed to the teacher for feedback and feed forward before they are posted- quality control check.

    The engagement and writing quality have lifted tremendously and I am so proud of the teachers in that team for creating this safe classroom climate where these students can shine.


  • Gaylene 25 Nov 2013 10:19am () in Modern Learning Environments

    At Glenview (Porirua) we are beginning down this track. Our problem is that we are unable to change the classrooms as we are 2 storey and they have load bearing walls. However, we are enlarging a door way (to double) so we can open up between 2 rooms more easily. We will be changing the layout of these rooms (with this limited access between them) into "busy" areas, and "quiet areas". We have purchased standing height furniture, have bean bags (only 2 so far), floor pads, lowered our desks to kneeling height etc. We asked the children this term to set up the room as to how they want it. That was hugely successful once they understood what was needed within the room.

    The furniture makes it look nice, but the real emphasis is on the pedagogy. We have spent 2 years reviewing what we do, how we do it, etc and 1 teacher has demonstrated a total understanding of what is required so we have begun in his class this term. 

    The response from the students has been so positive & rewarding. They volunteer to keep going during their break times as the learning is meaningful to them. Laughing

  • Gaylene 03 Sep 2013 11:51am () in Introducing...the Central South community online

    Hi. I am Gaylene- Principal of a small low decile school. We are located in Porirua East where we look out onto bush. We claim that we are an "Oasis amongst the bush" which matches our visiona nd values related to learning and environment. We are a green gold enviro school, and a 3rd time around Gold Heart Beat Award school.

    I hail from Taranaki (Waitara) but call Wellington home as i have lived here since getting married 34 years ago. I have 3 adult children (2 still seem quite comfortable at home!), a loving husband, and 3 cats! While living in Aotea, Porirua, we also spend some time at our beach house in Otaki as a way of relaxing from stressful jobs.

    We are currently very actively involved in blended e-learning PLD and my great wish is to embed 21st learning and teaching within the confines of an old 2-storey building that cannot be remodelled.

    I have a great team that I work with here at school who are all continuous learners, but , as always, are in different places on the continuum of integrating technology seamlessly into their practices.

  • Gaylene 05 Feb 2013 1:43pm () in ICOT 2013

    I am in porirua and we have many Pasifika parents, students and 2 Pasifika teachers on our staff. If you interested in talking to us, that will be fine.

  • Gaylene 07 Nov 2012 8:18am () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    Is there a minimum number of ipads you can use this on? We have just (this week) got 4 ipads and would love to set up the same apps on all of them (and be charged for apps just once).

  • Gaylene 04 Sep 2012 8:37am () in i-pads supporting writing development


    Am trying to streamline our school strategic targets in both literacy & ICT. Does anyone have good research & other information on using i-pads to develop writing especially for those students well below & below expected levels? Thanks

  • Gaylene 30 Aug 2012 2:50pm () in beginning the i-pad journey

    Thanks- good reading for us!

  • Gaylene 30 Aug 2012 2:48pm () in beginning the i-pad journey

    Thanks for these. We got money from Mana this year (but for the playground). The PCC one does not include money for schools (we have looked into this before) and the other is for students excelling in an area and addresses older students. We will keep trying

  • Gaylene 30 Aug 2012 9:14am () in beginning the i-pad journey

    Just tried to access the Manaiakalani Project but the page was not there anymore. Did access the roll out of ipads though

  • Gaylene 29 Aug 2012 1:03pm () in beginning the i-pad journey

    Hi All.

    Have just entered the VLN and this group. We want to introduce i-pads into our school and I need to plan ahead to have everything ready for these to run effectively. I also would like to access funding for this in our low decile school. We want to try and close the digital gap between whanau that have access to these tools, and our whanau who do not. Money is going to be needed to do this effectively & efficently. Does anyone know a good source of funding for these? We are in Porirua so something in our locality would be best. Thanks heaps