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Baydon Harris's discussion posts

  • Baydon Harris 12 Sep 2014 3:48pm () in Technology to Engage Māori Students

    Hi Janelle, welcome to the TENZ vln page.

    Regarding your question about ideas to engage Maori students. I have had an experience with our local musuem where the education liasion person delivered a programme that they have set up (Otago Musuem, Kim Beckett) . There is an exhibition of maori artifects which we were shown around. This was such a rich resource and could be very engaging for students. We discussed how the resources and technology have changed through the ages. It was an amazing experience showcasing how tools, fishing hooks, etc were developed using the technology available at the time.

    I think if you are able to get your students out into the community discussing technology it makes it a real context for them. Those connections are very important for engagement.

  • Baydon Harris 08 Mar 2014 7:19pm () in iTunes and App Store vouchers

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  • Baydon Harris 08 Mar 2014 7:13pm () in iTunes and App Store vouchers

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  • Baydon Harris 18 Nov 2013 4:14pm () in Debrief Exhibition


  • Baydon Harris 11 Aug 2013 7:16pm () in Fashion Illustration Template

    This looks great. There are alot of other resources on the website too. Thanks Christine

  • Baydon Harris 17 Jun 2013 4:00pm () in Brief developement at Level 3

    I think that there are two stages that the brief can be assessed. One being at the conceptual design and the second at the end of the prototype.

    The reason for saying at the end of the conceptual design is that you have to justify fitness for purpose at that stage and you need a solid brief development to do so. So in a sense this is a final brief at the end of the conceptual design standard. This brief will be developed further from the conceptual to the end of the prototype.

    Effectively giving a second chance for assessment.

  • Baydon Harris 04 Jun 2013 2:21pm () in Pattern Making books

    What pattern making (Textiles) books do you use in the classroom?

    I'm trying to get a better range to offer.

    Thanks Baydon