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Brian Hutching's discussion posts

  • Brian Hutching 25 Feb 2014 11:20am () in e-Learning 2014- where to now?

    Hi Brian Hutching Linwood College here

    We are in the third year of 2 classrooms using 1 to 1 ipads. We are still on a very steep learning curve. We have instituted a Cloud management (Meraki) for the iPads. This is supposed to give us the ability to be able to manage the iPads (control) more easily than we have in the past. We'll see. I'd be interested to hear from others if they use Meraki.

    We have Moodle built. This is our third go - the first Moodle 1.9 started 4 years back. We then took the MOE offer to migrate this to Watchdog/Knowledgenet server. When the two years were up we migrated Moodle back to our server. I began to rebuild the system then called in outside help. I no longer have those hours. We have employed a fulltime elearning director who is starting in Term 2. We have yet to work out the whole question around permissions and how these are set etc. Hopefully, Moodle will be up and running again Term 2.

    We use Google apps in Education. I have found this invaluable for my Learning Area (English and Languages) as well as for the classes I teach. I set up folders on Google Drive. We have not yet used Teacher Dashboard but are keen to do so. 

    I would like to see Google and Moodle more integrated. Once again if people have ideas around this I love to hear from them via this forum.

  • Brian Hutching 28 Aug 2013 12:58pm () in Communicating with a class off shore

    We would like to communicate with classes in Japan and Israel. Has anyone done this before? What sites did you use for this and how did you set it up? Our students have usernames and passwords generated by Kamar. We use Google apps for education so if a student wishes to use Google Drive or check their email they must first logon to our system and they are then directed to the GCSN bridge. If we wanted to allow overseas students to access our Moodle site or share on Google Drive they would need to have their own single sign on generated by Kamar. Is there another way?