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  • redbeard45 16 Oct 2018 10:46am () in MDM Options

    Hi Warren, Iʻve had huge issues with Profile Manager over the last year or so in 5 schools where Iʻve used it. I like its simplicity and it is still easier with fewer steps than others to do certain things however ...

    It pooches itself very easily, particularly if the setup company (wonʻt mention name) didnʻt put someone as the email contact for when the push certificate / VPP tokens are falling due. Major work if these expire!!

    Iʻve been to more than one Apple run iPad Management session where Apple Techs themselves have said "Donʻt use PM, Donʻt use PM...." and Iʻve spent a lot of time on the phone to Apple (6 hours on the last Sunday of the hols end of Term 2) rebuilding the server, etc trying to get PM back running again. Often Iʻve found a server restart can help when things arenʻt going out, but that is awkward in a busy school...  and Iʻve basically given up on it...

    I did a lot of investigation into various MDMs and spoke to Apple Techs when we HAD to change at one school and I ended up going the Mosyle way. They offer a free month trial and its only $7 per device per year after that and the free trial is still working well! They donʻt stop it after a month, just some extra features canʻt be used which hasnʻt been a problem. Very easy to set up - they have got this well sorted, and support, for the couple of times Iʻve needed it, has been brilliant - despite criticism from some quarters that there wouldnʻt be support with a free version!

    Only criticism is that it is designed for someone to manage a large school district in the US so you can have multiple schools, classes, teachers, etc, etc managed to the inth degree. So for the smaller schools I work in, you have to wade through a bit of extra to find just the bit you want, but that may be a plus in your situation??? It seems to be the flavour of the month with many schools in NZ at the moment, no paying an outside company hundreds (thousands) to set up, and so far its working well... While I liked PM for certain reasons, Iʻm very pleased to have moved on.

    Hope this helps

    Howard P

  • redbeard45 26 Feb 2016 9:39pm () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM

    Very valuable 2c worth Andy - much appreciated - and ironic I was setting up some iPads through Meraki when your email arrived!

    Currently waiting to hear back from Apple about reversing migrating apps from Meraki. The school Principal  had to sign their life away that they understood it was irreversible so it will be interesting to see what Apple says. May concern is how VPP purchasing is effected if changing to a new system.

    It would be great to be able to have an independent website with the pros - cons, costs, etc for MDM options for schools IN NZ so you could make a subjective judgement for YOUR school situation and needs, rather than just basing things on what others say or what you read.

    I guess the other difference is in the size of school. I may be wrong here but I would imagine a large High School could stand the cost of changing MDM direction if needed, but when a small school (such as I work in) is quoted $1500 to set them up with an MDM which is then going to cost them annual license fees...

    my 2c worth (which is probably less valuable than yours Andy)   :-)

  • redbeard45 25 Feb 2016 8:54pm () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM

    Stuart one of the things I have trouble with is the constant change with attendant costs, in the area of MDMs. We only had Configurator at the start, and that was beyond frustrating. Then Meraki came on the scene as the answer, and Joe Cox? from Apple Sydney coming through to spread the good oil on iPad management even recommended Meraki - despite working for Apple! But then, after keeping us waiting for months and in the dark, Meraki went stupid on their pricing for over 100 licenses and are also impossible to contact if you havenʻt got paid licenses. Then thereʻs Casper, and Jamf and Lightspeed which seems to be the flavour of the month, but also Microsoft releasing InTune - although no purchase for Education through the VPP yet? According to Graham P, if you went to Meraki, when you signed your life away to have your Apps migrated to Meraki, you couldnʻt move them to another system. So where does this leave us when every 9 months or so, there seems to be a new ʻbest yetʻ thatʻs recommended, but youʻve already invested heavily into one system or have Apps tied up in that system? At the end of the day, these Management Systems can only work on what is embedded in the iOS / Apple MDM and they are all much of a muchness or am I missing something? Thoughts

    Howard P

  • redbeard45 20 Feb 2016 9:04pm () in Apple'e New Management Distribution Programme

    Just to clarify, if you are using Configurator to wirelessly push apps, you must be using Configurator 2?

    Has anything else on the network been changed - connected up to N4L or some other service being installed over the break? When was everything still working okay?


  • redbeard45 06 Aug 2015 9:51am () in Throw a challenge my way

    Coll - fantastic! Iʻve obviously given up too soon or contacted the wrong people, and I know how exasperating it can be trying to work your way through the system - I can write books about it. Is there any way you can share that Adelaide contact maybe off list, to save others trying to work their way through the system. I would be VERY interested - howard@eclass.co.nz

    Cheers and thanks

  • redbeard45 06 Aug 2015 9:19am () in Throw a challenge my way

    i think there are lots of us in the same boat with locked out iPads. I know the effect of changing the security in iOS 8 had a dramatic effect on the number of iPads stolen in large cities but it also has provided a real headache for schools. Iʻve got one from a specialist teacher group where it was purchased through the special school the person was working for under a certain organisation. This organisation was amalgamated into a larger group, the person who put her own personal Apple ID and password on the iPad left the organisation... Weʻve taken the iPad back to the person - she canʻt remember the credentials used... Iʻve contacted Apple and theyʻve said they canʻt unlock unless we provide the receipt with the serial number. Iʻve gone back to the purchasing school...Their organisation is so good they canʻt find the receipt - or they canʻt be bothered. Iʻve gone as high up Apple  as I can but no one has responded offering any help... So an iPad that could be used to assist children with special needs sits bricked on the shelf in my office... and I guess there are a fair few around the place like this. What do the experts say Allanah???

  • redbeard45 05 Aug 2015 12:11pm () in Formatting with Airprint

    Sheryl canʻt say I am an expert at this but from what I know, to be able to print the likes of a booklet from a laptop or computer, you need the extra feature set of a printer (and that includes photocopiers) which comes with the correct driver for your printer. The specific ʻdriverʻ (set of instructions) for your printer provides all those extra features you can do with a printer like booklets, beyond a basic print. With Airprint, it is just a generic driver that allows an iPad to connect to a range of printers and photocopiers that support Airprint but only provides basic print functions.

    Many printer / photocopier companies provide Apps that are built on Airprint but also incorporate extra features. Some other companies enable printing from iPads by having a print server, a little wireless box that is a mini computer in itself, connected onto the network somewhere, with the correct driver loaded onto this box. iPads connect to the wireless print server which in turn sends the file to the photocopier for printing.

    I think this is a case of contacting your photocopier supplier and seeing if there is an alternative solution like a specific Toshiba App (I know Kyocera has this) or a wireless print server (such as Canon and Ricoh use). Sorry this is not a solution but may help make some sense???

  • redbeard45 13 May 2015 8:57pm () in Apps not loading

    If you go into Settings - General -  Usage - Manage Storage, do the missing Apps show up there?

  • redbeard45 13 May 2015 7:25pm () in Apps not loading

    Hi Megan,

    Just started this and a post came through from Michelle saying there is a NZ wide issue with the Kiwi Kids News App but will finish this off anyway as it may help someone...

    There is more than one way that Meraki can load Apps onto your iPad so it makes it a little more difficult to give advice but one thing you could check, if you can search and find the Meraki App that is loaded to install the Meraki Profile and launch that. Then when the Meraki App loads, look down the bottom of the screen. There are three buttons, canʻt remember the names and donʻt have a managed iPad home to check but the button you want is the middle one - Managed Apps or something like that. When you click on that, it shows the Apps loaded on the iPad but at the top it lists the Apps that are missing from that iPad - i.e. the ones that should be loaded but for some reason havenʻt. You can click on the plus at the right hand side alongside the Apps name and re push it to the iPad. Of course, you can push missing apps out again from the Dashboard. I donʻt know what works best but I find that often if you do a combination of both, and sometimes more than once, the Apps turn up. In the dashboard, you can also repush one or all Apps to All devices and that sometimes works too. Hope this helps someone.


    Howard P

    Donʻt be scared to contact me off list if I can help further