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  • Annette Vartha 02 Apr 2018 9:19am () in FORUM: Digital Teacher Planners - an Enabling e-Learning event

    I've been using Planbook since 2014 and haven't looked back.  My husband  who also teaches has been using it for around three years too.   I have found it to be easy to use - as a typist I can quickly type in notes and I input teacher observations using italics within the planbook.  I love that I can quickly access all my previous years and search and find a document or lesson I remember from the past.  I can also share it with another teacher.  It is visual and I can colour code.  I put in images of holidays/events to cheer things up a bit My planning looks tidy and organised!   There are different views - I can create a  list of lessons for a particular class; view monthly; or weekly.  I make my planner go from Monday-Saturday and use the "Saturday" column as my notes and reminders section.   It is the same cost or a little less actually than a conventional planner.  I couldn't imagine ever going back to a written planner....!  

  • Annette Vartha 04 Mar 2015 9:40pm () in Using googledocs

    If you create a google document and insert a table with two columns and a row each for your students - they will all be able to work on the google document at the same time.

      What did you do over the weekend?

    I had a lovely weekend and went to shopping.

    Peer marked by Karen


    As the students have their own cell to work in the document doesn't jump about and get messy!  I ask the students to write - giving them a timeframe.  It is very interesting to see the differences in what they produce.  You can also see the progress of the whole class at the same time!!

    After they have written I ask them to peer check their work by having a discussion about their paragraphs.  The person who marked it writes their name at the end of the paragraph.  I ask them to cross out words rather than delete them so there is a reminder of what not to do.  The peer marker uses green font to do the changes.

    I make comments along the way.

    You can use the first table you create as a template - just copy it (File, Make a copy) and delete the responses of the copied file and keep the names of the students in the left hand column (of course!) .  Then simply change the question or topic you want them to write about - and you have a blank form ready to go - done!