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  • Kirsty 28 Nov 2014 11:57am () in GAFE permission forms

    Hi, I am currently in the process of setting up my school with GAFE.  I have all the staff set up but am now looking at the children's accounts.  I was just wondering what schools have done around permission forms for this.  We have an Information Technology agreement but it needs some serious work considering how far we have come with eLearning.  If anyone has anything they would like to share or any blurbs they added to theirs about GAFE and Hapara then it would be much appreciated.  Thanks, Kirsty  

  • Kirsty 03 Sep 2014 9:57pm () in Daily Notices

    Hi all, 

    I am looking into Google Apps for Education for my school and was wondering if there is a way to use it for daily notices?  Staff I know at other schools using google are still accessing their daily notices via the intranet.  Any tips would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Kirsty 

  • Kirsty 21 May 2014 11:44am () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    I am using configurator and have had huge problems.  I am trying to use it for 130+ ipdas.  I also have had multiple iPads fail for various reasons and have spent hours on the phone to apple, I am currently waiting to talk to them about an issue now.  What I have found is 1) configurator would not detect a device and I had to reset the ipad and start fresh with it 2) it wont push out paid apps I get the error code 9517 3) sometimes I have to log out of configurator and log back in and it will suddenly work 4) I push out the free apps first and then the paid ones.  I too have looked into different options, the problem I had with Meraki was that you could not take paid apps off the device and then put them on another device like you can in Configurator? 

  • Kirsty 18 Mar 2014 12:47pm () in Apple Configurator Errors

    Thanks for your comments.  I am a teacher but left school after having a baby and am back 1 day a week as ICT leader.  So far this has purely been to sort our iPad situation.  We have about a 1:4 ratio for our classes Years 0-8.  Some of the issues with the classroom teacher updating and managing the iPads would be we have a very large range in abilities among the staff - some would have no clue how to update them or find new apps they were wanting. The second issue would be the cost in data as having 130 iPads updated seperately would use a lot more data than doing it once through itunes, then through apple configurator?  Correct me if I am wrong with this though.  Are there any MDM systems you would recommend?  I have had Meraki suggested but also read that you should use that along with configurator.  My other option was to wipe configurator and all the ipads and start all over again.  It is useless to me at the moment when the errors occur and I cannot successfully update them anyway.  We did have various itunes accounts used too - I took over this job so it was set up by someone else - I have deleted all the free apps downloaded under the old account though and reinstalled them and this has solved the problem.  

  • Kirsty 17 Mar 2014 10:01pm () in Apple Configurator Errors

    Hi everyone

    I have 130+ iPads that I am in charge of updating at school and I am running into a number of issues which stop the iPad from updating correctly.  I am also losing paid apps.  Firstly when i go to connect the iPad to the computer with configurator it wont let me and says the device is unable to connect.  The only way I have managed to get around this is by reseting and erasing all content on the iPad.  The second problem is I am continously getting the error code 5306 which says that it wants me to enter the itunes password.  I have got around this by closing configurator and reopening it.  My last issue I have spent hours on the phone to apple about.  I get the error code 9517 and it says that the app cannot be redeemed.  This I cannot solve.  Apple has sent me more codes to replace the lost ones but then the next time I update it happens again.  Has anyone come across this before?  Are people using a different MDM systems?  I am wasting hours and hours because of these issues.  Thanks