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Bronwen Seaward's discussion posts

  • Bronwen Seaward 30 Jul 2014 12:05pm () in Edmodo... help please

    Hi Jemma, I have been using edmodo for the last three years and have developed a range of PD resources that I have used to bring our staff on board. If you are interested please email me: se@darfield.school.nz


  • Bronwen Seaward 02 May 2013 3:47pm () in Trial a BYOD class first or go for it?

    At our school we decided to trial a BYOD class first to iron out the wrinkles. I am really lucky to be the main teacher of this class and have been amazed at how well it's all going! We did a lot of work during 2012 bringing the wider school community on board. This included parents and staff - some reactions were really positive while others were a little more aprehensive! Due to this we made the class optional at Year 7 - in other words parents had to opt their child into the class. I was really worried that we wouldn't have enough interest however in the end we we had 48 students for a maximum of 30 places. I think that this shows how keen both parents and students are for this type of learning. We also did a lot of work last year on the "paperwork". We reworked our cyber safety agreement bringing ot more in line with our school values and also created a BYOD agreement. Currently our school is waiting for whole school wireless and we are testing our new ultrafast broadband (with mixed results). We were hoping to have BYOD open up to our Senior (Year 13) students later this year aiming to have it school wide by 2014 - but these things take time. I have found the process to be a lot of hard work but it's all been worth it - my students are loving the blended learning approach and are so engaged with their learning. I would love to hear from any other teachers in a similar situation (Year 7) to share ideas and strategies. All the best to those of you thinking about trialing BYOD - my advice is go for it!!