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Cheryl's discussion posts

  • Cheryl 21 Aug 2013 8:52pm () in Relevant, smart libraries of the future

    The bit about librarians and hearing thier voice in meetings is something I took away today. We have a curriculum/project team structure at our school. Our Library Assistant is a member of the Library team. She has a voice on this team which in turn feeds into senior lead team/managment structure. What I am more interested in is how can we include her in our other curriculum teams and in particular our syndicate teams to get her perspective and input into our learning and teaching programmes.

  • Cheryl 14 Jun 2013 2:23pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    Google mail is web based so is completely independent from Outlook. Stuff in Outlook stays there. In Outlook you can then "add an account" and add your gmail acct.... it will haul in gmail into IMAP folders in Outlook. THis means that the emails stay in gmail but you can view and work with them in Outlook.

  • Cheryl 29 May 2013 7:54am () in An Interesting New Teaching and Learning Tool - MyChatPak

    Would love to try it out as well...we have 2 x classes in a 1-to-1 computing class using netbooks. email is cheryl@awapuni.school.nz

  • Cheryl 10 Oct 2012 1:23pm () in Film Festivals

    Has anyone run film festivals in their schools?  Any words of advice? And of course the major one about copyright when using music recordings???

  • Cheryl 09 Sep 2012 8:05pm () in Blogging 101 | An Enabling e-Learning event

    We installed predictive text software and it helps with accuracy of spelling. One we used is "Word Que" and works with MS Word. 

  • Cheryl 09 Sep 2012 6:33pm () in Blogging 101 | An Enabling e-Learning event

    re: surface features -  Depends on how you want your blog to be. If it is a display blog then surface features are important and checking and editing needs to be done before publishing. As a contrast, we are using our blogs to improve reading and writing and one of our aims is for our posts and comments to be more accurate in terms of surface features. We expect to see an improvement over the year. The class and I review posts and comments and give each other feedback. We use our writing level expectations as a point of reference. We also have our writing "mantras" that are small sayings like "using i for I = level 1'. "no paragraphs - is not in level 3!".  

  • Cheryl 07 Sep 2012 9:04pm () in Naming photos and video footage that students have created

    Isn't it interesting that we go thru all this rigmarole  and then thelocal newspaper publishes photos and captionsport school sports events with surnames. No parents complain or see this as a threat...in fact they love the publicity! 

  • Cheryl 07 Sep 2012 12:24pm () in Naming photos and video footage that students have created

    Amy, we have a policy statement in our enrolment package and parents sign on entry to school to give permisison for work and images to be published on the web. The "Internet Permission" states that only first names are used. We log this permission on our student database (eTAP) so we can quickly check. I uaually download a spreadsheet form eTAP and circulate to teachers. But our secretary is really onto it nad alerts me and the class teacher if a "no" is given. We have no "No" permissions at the moment!  If you want a copy of our documentation email me and I can send it through to you. 


  • Cheryl 02 Aug 2012 1:41pm () in Bulk send photos from computer to iPad

    Am wanting to also know how to manage photos sent to email on iPad. I click "save image" but don't knwo where they go??? Not in photos