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  • anamatangi 22 Mar 2016 10:02pm () in Google sign in not being remembered

    Hi Sharon,


    We use Hapara dashboard also... Just wondering why google chrome is not an option for you?  Our children can access their drive, email, docs, slides etc through chrome, drive, or the actual apps  e.g slides (which we insist all children have - they are free).  The only thing they have inconsistent access to through chrome is the workspace feature of teacher dashboard.  As this is a new feature, I'm sure it's being worked through but we have had no issues in terms of saving passwords, logins etc.  

    The only exception has been school based devices (we are predominantly BYOD from years 3 up) - for school based devices, if the last user has not logged out properly, then the next user's details aren't accepted... This then seems to set up this user as a constant 'problem' in terms of logging in on that device... This doesn't seem to be remedied until I log in under the administrator account and remove the 'remembered users'.  It doesn't seem to be a problem though if kids sign out when they're finished with using the device.  This is the case for both Safari and Chrome but is more difficult to overcome through Chrome.







  • anamatangi 23 Mar 2014 9:39pm () in Students unable to share to large screens from BYOD devices - isolating network settings inhibiting this

    Hi Carol,

    We are an Apple School and have explored how to best manage our school devices with our BYOD devices over the past 4 years.  Our "techie" advised us at the end of last year to move to a smaller server and move everything that is shared to the cloud using Google Drive.  We have a limited amount of teacher resources saved to the new server but we are moving everything to the cloud (slowly, slowly but we are nearly there).  In the meantime, anything new is created on the username or in the cloud (increasingly more in the cloud based on teacher capability).  As we are a school from Year 0-8, with a 1:2 device ratio, we have a huge number of students who are regularly creating and needing to save work digitally.  We decided this was best done through google drive as continuously upgrading our server was costing tens of thousands of dollars.  

    Because of this, and the fact that we have been slowly implementing Apple TVs, nearly 2/3 of the school now, we decided that we all needed to be able to use the same WiFi network but we needed to limit server access to just school and teacher devices.  From there, we have the school devices set up so that they can only save to the desktop or the cloud - in the Year 4-8 students google accounts within our school account.  This is working very well.   All our students access our internet; all can access our Apple TVs but the server is now for a minority of students... but work is still easily shared between students and teachers so it can printed if necessary etc.  We have been practising the access of BYOD to our internet for 3 years and to our internet and Apple TVs, reflector apps/airparrot for 2 years now... no problems with viruses.  Our techie specialises in apple but has not mentioned any specific concern with BYOD devices, other than he doesn't want to deal with PCs, and the devices that access our sharing screens don't access our server and we all run on the same internet - it's not dependent on the server...  I'm not sure what the Ruckus system is but this has not been an issue for us.  

    I know that doesn't necessarily help you but I know we, and other schools in our area, have had no issue with allowing devices to access internet and sharing screens without it impacting the server so I hope that maybe someone has further info on this for you with more technical expertise or someone can recommend a good contact to review this with.   

  • anamatangi 03 Jun 2012 8:02pm () in Introducing Ipads from a principal perspective

    Hi there David... We have 22 iPads with paid apps loaded on each that are synced through one iTunes account... As Ericnoted in his email below... There seems to be no problem with this through apple so far and as Eric noted in his emails below, while applelimits the number of laptop accounts that one iTuns account can be connected to at any one time (obviously as you can remove laptop accounts at any time), apple seems to encourage the ability to share apps through multiple devinces that are all connected through one iTunes account.  At school, we encourage teachers to pass on app recommendations or ideas to me, I often use one iPad to download the app to so I can trial it, and I thelaptop one specific laptop (it is our iPad master) to sync the iPad with and then to  sync all other iPads to.  Time-consuming but works well... Our technician is working on a programme or "docking dolly" from the statetoss we can sync all iPads at once... Much like those used for iPods.

  • anamatangi 03 Jun 2012 7:53pm () in Introducing Ipads from a principal perspective

    Hi there, we brought in 20 new iPads last year at school and the first thing I suggested was that each teache retake one home for a few weeks to playwith ( it was close to school holidays). I had loaded a whole lot of free apps that I had been recommended by other schools and it was amazing the feedback and buy in I got from staff...They gave good feedback about what they liked and  they even talked to friends and colleagues bout other apps, doing their research on online forums even!!!  It was great and they loved having the opportunity to just have a go without the pressure of taking it straight into the classrooms,nearly 8 months on, even with changes to staff, we have a staff that get generally confident with using iPads, that is on th elook out for new apps and is using them as A regular part oF classroom learning.. It was definitely a positive way to approach it withstaff... Our next steps... Focusing on using it for creating more than practice!  Hope this helps!

  • anamatangi 03 Jun 2012 7:44pm () in iTunes account -ipads & apps

    We have 22 iPads at school and we sync and download the same apps to all devices regularly.  To answer Innes's question above, YES... If you purchase an app on one iPad, when you go to the app store on another iPad (under the same account) or iTunes on a laptop, then you have the opportunity to load purchased apps on other devices under that account to the other iPad or to theiTunes account... So that then all iPads can be syncEd to the laptop with all apps.   I find it har dot believe also, but we've bought an app on our school iTunes account for $4.99 or whatever and then seem to be able to load it on to as many devices as we like as long as they are under the same iTunes account.