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  • Eric Martini 07 May 2014 9:33pm () in Students Email Accounts


    I think you need to clarify what exactly you're wanting to do. Smart-net is a package of services which includes managing the server/wifi as well as email.

    The issue you're having is related to not having email through Google ? which causes issues when signing up for third party services.

    list the problems and issues you're having under the current system and the benefits of switching.

    Remembering that switching email will impact on everyone with a school email. and all laptops, devices used by teachers/admin will have to have the mail settings on their device changed to google to retrieve email once the changeover is done.

    Smart-net provide a service to migrate mailboxes to google...there is a charge.. $30 per mailbox from memory? - best check first.

  • Eric Martini 30 Apr 2014 5:40pm () in Copying a whole file in Google Docs

    You can use a script for that....Copy Folder From Template.

    there's a link to the script follow instructions to install. Will duplicate folder and it's contents.


  • Eric Martini 27 Mar 2014 4:43pm () in Guardian for Chromebooks

    There's a thrid party product that provides extra data and reports from Chromebooks registered on a domain, from what you get from the Chrome Management Console.

    It's currently free until August, where a pricing structure kicks in... for those wanting more data maybe worth a look while it's free, see whether it's worth pursuing long term.


    Install the script via admin console...

    provides reports on..

    • Suspicious Activity Alerts: Get a notification when users browse unsavory content.
    • Browsing History: View detailed internet history for every user in your organization.
    • Video Reporting: See which videos users are watching, and when they watch them.
    • And More: Top sites, flagged activity reports, website blacklisting, and 24/7 support
    • Geolocation: locate the chromebook

    Interestlingly these are the similar features that Microsoft provide for their Surface tablets, when registering a device under child safety account. All reports available online for free.


  • Eric Martini 27 Mar 2014 3:48pm () in Mediashare setup for iPad


    you need someway to import the video into the ipads camera roll, before it's available for apps such as Flick, iMovie to use.

    Flick works well. alternatively if videos are on a youtube channel you can use vdownloader to download the clip onto the ipad - then transfer it to the camera roll



  • Eric Martini 27 Mar 2014 11:39am () in Problems with Chromebook on school network

    if you have the chrome management console and tracking and reporting turned on under the admin console, you can get the MAC addresses for all devices registered on the domain.



  • Eric Martini 26 Mar 2014 9:50pm () in Chromebook keeps dropping out

    have you entered the devices MAC addresses in smartnet to allow them through?

    We found the chromebooks were blocked until the MAC address were entered as an allowed device.



  • Eric Martini 23 Mar 2014 8:45pm () in Managing Shared Google Sites

    The autocrat script in Google docs is an easy way to send a Google doc to individuals... works similar to a mail merge... you just need a spread sheet with student names and email and a Google Doc as a template.

    When you run the script a individualised doc is shared with each student on the spreadsheet.



  • Eric Martini 17 Mar 2014 10:46pm () in We just purchased a handful of chromebooks. Would like help with setup


    The Chrome management Console and Hapara Teacher Dashboard are two different products which serve different purposes.

    The chrome management console (CMC) is designed to make deploying the hardware ie Chromebook easier, by allowing you to make changes to the chromebook settings remotely. The CMC isn't a necessity, but the schools I'm involved with like the ability to lock the chromebook to only school user accounts - adding a bit more security.

    The Hapara Teacher Dashboard is for Google Docs - allowing the teacher access and management of student work within the Google products and drive.



  • Eric Martini 05 Mar 2014 6:16pm () in How to edit a Google presentation using a tablet/ iPad

    Yes, have the app.... happily editing google presentation on the ipad....

    Smart Office 2

  • Eric Martini 05 Mar 2014 5:30pm () in How to edit a Google presentation using a tablet/ iPad

    you can't edit in the Google drive app, or via Google on Safari, however one app that you can edit google docs on the ipad is Smart Office 2 - however it is a paid app.