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  • Rowan Taigel 13 May 2014 11:45am () in Our school's adopted Office 365

    Hi Nikkie,


    Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

    I'm interested in using sites as well, but also very intrigued by feedback and marking strategies. I am an English teacher, and our students are working on writing portfolios this year. They need to complete 6 pieces of writing, get feedback on these and craft 2 up for summative assessment.  I've toyed with the idea of using Onenote to give feedback - eg open their file in Onenote / paste it into a Onenote doc, write comments / draw diagrams etc, drop it back into the student's folder, and they have that to refer to when editing their original.  We are in the super early stages of our adoption, so I haven't even got any student docs in folders to test my ideas out on yet, but I'm also wondering if there are the same capabilities as with a google doc, where you can edit / make comments within a doc, and track the edits and changes that have been made. Part of our standard requires being able to vouch for authenticity of student work etc.  We need to be able to see and be accountable for the writing and editing process to ensure all the work is the student's own, but give generalised support and feedback ourselves as well.

    Do you have any brainwaves about how 365 might make this possible, and even easy / enjoyable for students and teachers?



  • Rowan Taigel 12 May 2014 12:20pm () in Our school's adopted Office 365

    Hi everyone,

    I'm really interested in hearing from people who are using Office 365 in their schools.

    In comparison to GAFE, how do you find it? Are there particular apps / functions of sharepoint / uses for sites etc that you'd be willing to share and discuss? 

    As a starter, I have been using a weebly for my class sites (high school English) for the last few years. I am looking to transition to the use of 'sites' in 365 very soon.  Has anyone been using this for a while and can discuss the capabilities / functionality / benefits / potential of it?

    How are you finding collaboration with staff and students in 365?  Which ways do you find are successful? eg newsfeed, shared documents etc.

    Is anyone sharing and marking student work on 365?  How are you doing this?


    Thanks heaps,

    Rowan Taigel


  • Rowan Taigel 05 Nov 2013 12:06pm () in Introducing...the Central North community online

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Rowan Taigel and I am e-Learning coordinator at Cambridge High School. I have been working on launching our e-Learning action plan this year (after having worked with our Te Toi Tupu facilitator Anne Sturgess and two other teachers on designing it using the ELPF), with a major focus on educating / providing staff with PD. I have been facilitating our BeL Group and have been a member of our seperate ICT committee. We've set up a website for our staff as a one-stop-shop for e-Learning ideas, tools, pedagogies, fixes, tutorials etc and it is under ongoing development. I enjoy using weeblies with my English classes. I will also be a Core e-Fellow for next year. I look forward to the discussions we're going to have here!

  • Rowan Taigel 29 Aug 2013 7:56am () in Leading BYOD: Start with Values

    Hi Mark,

    Our secondary school made the conscious decision this year to shift towards being a blended e-Learning school. We were granted a facilitator through Te Toi Tupu, have drawn up and are beginning to implement our action plan, have established a BeL group with members from each faculty and are having regular PD sessions for individuals, groups and whole staff.

    A couple of years ago, the decision was made to allow students to bring cellphones, in particular, to school, and to be able to use them in the grounds and in the classroom under teacher guidance. Our UFB will be kicking in next month and the ability and potential for staff and students to do so much more on their devices at school is fantastic. 

    The potential for true BYOD is huge for our school due to limited computer labs etc.  We do have most students coming to school with a smart phone of some sort, but many are still reluctant to bring a laptop, ipad etc due to parents' concerns about security for their expensive devices, and the fact that our current wireless capabilities are quite limited.

    We are really wanting to access the benefits of students bringing their own devices and I'm quite interested in how you and others would recommend making an official BYOD launch. How do you recommend which devices students should bring / purchase? Do you put out a pamphlet (eg. Epsom Girls' Grammar Sschool's glossy brochure is a fantastic example), have info evenings for parents, advertise info on the school website... or all of the above and more?  How have people launched BYOD successfully and had community, staff and student buy-in? Would you recommend pairing this with a digital citizenship programme at the same time? Obviously staff PD will also be needed to learn about the different ways students devices can be used in and out of the classroom too. I am interested in the order that others have brought things out in.

  • Rowan Taigel 20 Aug 2013 4:01pm () in Monetizing eBooks?

    Hi Chris,


    You could check out www.storybird.com.  You can create childrens' books there and they do have a fundraising option.  I know they were getting it set up so that NZ people could use that facility too when I was using it last year.  Good luck!

  • Rowan Taigel 14 Mar 2013 2:35pm () in Using tech to grab information as we teach | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Hi there,

    We were discussing this very subject in our BeL group today.  There are a few teachers who are already actively using the cameras on their ipads (newly acquired) to film students working, acting etc and playing the clips back to them to discuss ideas for improvement / feedback etc.  We'll try to keep you posted on how we're going (we're still a the early stages).

Rowan Taigel

Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator - Te Toi Tupu, CORE Education