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Shane Ngatai's discussion posts

  • Shane Ngatai 27 May 2013 9:58pm () in E- Portfolios and Performance Appraisal
    Project Title: E-Portfolios and Performance Appraisal

    Background:  I have been looking at how to incorporate the concept of an e-portfolio model into a performance appraisal system that will:

    • Provide strong evidence of competent pedagogical practice over an agreed to time frame
    • Link specific responsibilities to measurable outcomes detailed in job descriptions
    • Celebrate teacher effectiveness and student achievement collaboratively 
    • Reward innovative and data evidenced practice that clearly raises student achievement
    • Strengthen and in-bed cultural competency across the school site
    • Challenge and inspire teachers, students and whanau to have high expectations for learning
    • Incorporate a safe and transparent culture of sharing and learning aligned alongside performance 

  • Shane Ngatai 04 Sep 2012 9:46pm () in What does authentic learning look like in your school?

    Share your school's experiences with authentic learning that create contexts for learning that enable students to think, problem solve and create meaningful learning objects and resources.

    Tell us in less than 100 words what worked well and what you would do differently next time.

  • Shane Ngatai 16 Jul 2012 2:49pm () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Hi Mary-Anne

    Rhode Street School is always open to dialogue with anyone to share and learn from each other about what is happening in our learning communities. Please feel free to contact the school directly if you wish to visit us physically (as the many schools and agencies have over the past six years) or on-line via our Facebook Group.

    The Point England model is something I have seen first-hand and have investigated the possibility of setting up a similar model here but are leaning more towards providing our own wireless network in partnership with a telco in the near future that will reach our local community.

    Another innovative model we have been using for the past five years is our Phone Home Programme. Each teacher has a cell phone that they give to students in their care to phone home good news about their learning journeys. Over 400 calls go out each week from our classrooms. Read the research project undertaken in late 2009 about this programme.

  • Shane Ngatai 15 Jul 2012 9:55am () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Thought I would share this inquiry based approach: Here at Rhode Street School we have been using our low frequency fm radio station (88.3fm) to record student voice about their learning and transmitting these sound-bites to our wider school community (up to 5 kms) for the past six years. With the advent and pending connection to UFBIS we will be able to stream live and podcast as well. 

    Students own their learning and run the radio station with minimal adult supervision. They programme the playlist and incorporate their learning stories around the music they are interested in. 

    Tuakana teina models assist our younger students with recording and posting their stories and a succession programme has ensured that we are sustainable with our processes. 

    Students recount their learning experiences, edit and peer-reflect on what they create before it is aired. Whanau are sent txt messages to notify them when the sound-bite is being played on air (resulting in some whanau stopping work and getting workmates to listen as well) and if requested the files are emailed to whanau.

    Students use inquiry methodologies to create scenerios for researching and presenting their sound-bites including our own Waka Matauranga model.