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Tracey Simons's discussion posts

  • Tracey Simons 12 May 2016 9:46am () in Lightspeed

    Hi Everyone, I am keen to make contact with schools that are using Lightspeed. We have signed up for this but am wanting ideas on how schools are using the system and how they set up their ipads initially, any pit falls or quick tips appreciated. 

  • Tracey Simons 03 Sep 2012 8:35am () in iTranslate Voice HD

    Hi Michelle,

    We are on a proxy set server with Smartnet and we have had no issues with ipads.  They are clever enough to remember the proxy setting with wireless each time.  I often bring my ipad from home to test stuff and i do not have to put settings back in when i come into the school environment it just remembers them from last time.

    Talk to Smartnet because there is a way to sort out your laptop issue with this as well, just by adding an auto configuration setting in where your proxies go. Talk to them they will talk you through the steps like they did with me.