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Alice Whitehead's discussion posts

  • Alice Whitehead 29 Apr 2012 1:13pm () in Workshop 2012 - Teachers Attending Workshops
    Students from Room 9 at EGS achieved lots! I think they were as exhausted from all the new learning by the end of the day as I was. It was fantastic to see 6 year olds quickly picking up the ability to create music on Garageband and produce short movies on iMovie! The plan for next week is to share the learning with the rest of the class. We will then go on to brainstorm some further ideas for our movie and begin to create the storyboard using Comic Life. I like your suggestion Emma that it is embeded into literacy some how so I will continue to think that over today. 
    My question about the project is: At the end of 3 weeks am I right in thinking we will have produced the short movie, but it will not have any fancy transitions and only be roughly edited?
    Thanks lead teachers for the fantastic workshops! Alice, Room 9 EGS