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  • Katarina Moore 21 May 2016 9:05pm () in Using Seesaw as an eportfolio for student engagement, collaboration and reflection with year 3 students

    Would you use Seesaw rather than an individual blog? Why / why not?

  • Katarina Moore 01 May 2016 8:35pm () in Robotics and different contexts


    We have recently bought 15 mbots. We only got them a few weeks before the holidays, so I have just let the students explore how to do the basic coding to get the moving in the desired direction. The students are starting to challenge themselves in order to have more control. They explore and then they try to teach me.

    I'm also very interested to find out how other people are using robotics.

  • Katarina Moore 01 Feb 2016 8:55pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Hi Nicki

    My students share their learning and work on their blogs. It gives the children an authentic audience. During reading, I often incorporate blogging. The students read others blogs and comments. Before we do this I spend time with the class to look at what a quality comment is. This year I'm hoping to encourage more parents to check their kid's blog and post comments. Quadblogging is also a great way to get going with blogging.


  • Katarina Moore 17 Jan 2016 8:54pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice


    I used Hapara last year including workspace. Using Hapara makes it easy to have an overview of the students work including gmail and blogs. You don't have this feature with Google classroom. With Hapara Workspace you can easily share tasks/activities with the class or groups of students. In the end of last year I went to a Google classroom workshop. There were some features I liked that I haven't found in Workspace e.g marking of submitted work. I'm planning to use both for different purposes this year. I wouldn't like to be without Hapara though. 

    I had 1:2 last year and it worked well with children collaborating and discussing with each other. However at times, especially during writing I'd prefer it my class had 1:1. I've tried to used it so one student is writing and the other proofread at the same time (they of course continuously discuss what to write) but I find the student who is a proofreader often gets bored and off task. During writing I've had more success with collaboration if they have a shared doc (with their own section) so they can see what their buddies are writing and get ideas from each other.


  • Katarina Moore 29 Nov 2015 10:09pm () in Best Blog Post of 2015


    This is the blog URL for room 19 at  Whangarei Primary school.



  • Katarina Moore 16 Sep 2015 10:58pm () in Presenting student work on big screen

    After purchasing a Chromecast my HDMI has become obsolete. It's quick for the kids to 'cast' from wherever they are sitting and no time wasted to change cable if another student want to share some work in another device. 

  • Katarina Moore 30 Jul 2015 8:36pm () in An Enabling e-Learning forum: Coding, digital literacy or a new kind of language?

    I felt exactly like you MrsB30 and decided to give Scratch a 'go'. I teach year 5/6. Initially, I let my students explore. Most of the kids were really keen but weren't that enthusiastic. I decided to try out the free lessons Scratch have on their website. They start from very basic and includes challenges. After lesson one, my whole class was fired up! I think learning the initial basics e.g. have two creatures jumping on a trampoline in different speeds made them realise that you can use Scratch for more than game making e.g. story telling. I have also used it as part of my reading programme - read and follow instructions and creating according to the challenges. Some of my students have worked on their projects at home and are now becomming quite sophisticated coders.  

  • Katarina Moore 22 May 2015 6:57am () in Chromebooks and multi users

    I have 1:2 Chromebooks in my classroom. It's no problem as long as you are a GAFE school and the kids have their own google account.  The kids just take any device and log into their google account. They can also log in at home on another computer and continue their work. Love the Chromebooks. 

  • Katarina Moore 19 May 2015 10:20pm () in Modern Learning Practices and Maths

    Cross grouping and The five talk moves has been some areas we have focused on during the last 3 years maths initiative. Here is a short description of the talk moves but if you want to find out more details google it.

    Five practices for orchestrating mathematical discussion

    Anticipating what students will do- what strategies they will use, when solving a problem. Teacher being prepared before the lesson. 

     Anticipating what students will do- what strategies they will use, when solving a problem. Teacher being prepared before the lesson. (Teacher wait time)

    Selecting students whose strategies are worth discussing in class (Teacher’s elicitation of student reasoning)

    Sequencing those students' presentations to maximize their potential to increase students' learning  (Revoicing -Teacher-initiated requests that a student repeat a previous contribution by another student)

    Connecting the strategies and ideas in a way that helps students understand the mathematics learned (1. Teacher’s request for students to add on. 2.Teacher wait time 3. Teacher-initiated requests that a student repeat a previous contribution by another student)




  • Katarina Moore 01 May 2015 8:32pm () in Creating timelines

    My students have use Popplet Lite on the iPads and MindMup on the Chromebooks for timelines.