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Stuart Hale's discussion posts

  • Stuart Hale 17 Sep 2016 9:15am () in ios10

    Hi Sasha

    I agree with Innes about to take a workshop for teachers - yes I know it is Saturday! and I will use as part of my workshop my iPad 1!!!!!

    The life cycle of Apple products is much longer  than other brands!

    A friend brought an Android device on special and was told before he left the shop it could not be upgraded!!


  • Stuart Hale 22 Feb 2016 9:00pm () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM

    Hi Jamie

    iOS 9.3 will not solve all your problems some - but it adds to the solution - you will still need a MDM Meraki probably will not do as goods job as say LightSpeed will

    Read what Apple have posted here


    Many of these features are similar to what Casper offered!

    Note big implications here for the configuration of future iPads that schools will buy!

  • Stuart Hale 22 Feb 2016 10:53am () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM


    I do not have a solution to the discussion but to mention one more factor - look what is coming! The Beta iOS9.3 has the most amazing Education / Classroom tools and the biggest education upgrade since the iPad itself. As I go around schools and offer advice and help steer schools around the "potholes" and talking to people in the know Meraki will have some issues with the next upgrade (It will probably iOS10) and the MDM that best work with the new iOS will probably not be Meraki - there are others out there that will work well and not cost too much - I think schools are seeing issues with the "free Lunch" type MDM's

    Apple play their cards closer to their chest than anyone - but keep an eye on companies they have purchased - Expect to see some big announcements in the future about iPad management in school!!



  • Stuart Hale 05 Aug 2015 2:31pm () in Formatting with Airprint

    Hi Sheryl

    There is an App - isn't there always!!

    Called Printer Pro (there is a Lite version to try too)


    could be worth a try 


  • Stuart Hale 05 Aug 2015 12:11pm () in Throw a challenge my way

    Hi Allanah - Be great to know if there is a way to improve AirDrop!


    I am really puzzled why it is random in the results

    An example is:

    In a group of say 10 iPads 1 iPad has all 9 of the others visible in Airdrop and the person next to them only sees 2!! the next iPad see 5 the next 4
    The basics of Airdrop are on
    Airdrop - Everyone is on
    Wifi is on and the same network
    Everyone has an iPad name they recognise if you wait 30min iPad 1 now sees different iPads for Airdrop than it did before??
    can you give me any ideas to make this work better
    Such a great technology - desperately needed by teachers but seems unreliable in my experience


    Thanks - Stuart

  • Stuart Hale 17 Mar 2015 11:27am () in Most user friendly way people are managing class sets of iPads owned by the school


    Apple is in the process of making this simpler - checkout this link

    so if the configuration / management  can wait it may pay to!

    The normally Apple saying "It just works" does not always apply to this issue of iPad Management



  • Stuart Hale 17 Dec 2014 9:16am () in Handheld Microscope for iPad

    The type Innes mentioned is the way to go but being a magnetic lens clip - probably the case would need to be off. Many other lens attachments are built for specific models of iPhones or iPads as they are based on thickness - again if in a case will not work!! I have come across a great solution that uses a clip to attach there by fits - iPad2  iPad3 iPad air, iPhone 3-4-5-6 even with the case on (A thicker protective foam case maybe the exception!)

    While on our tour of Exemplar Californian iPads schools last April happened to be on Fishermans Wharf San Francisco and brought this Kit for $40 - Will look out for another one on the 2015 tour!


    Of the 3 lenses the Macro is the one I use most

    Wide angle I use the Pano mode instead

    Fisheye - distorts so I do not go there

    Here is a link to one on fishpond at $15


    Off out to get a laser pointer lens and make my own to see how that compares!

  • Stuart Hale 02 Aug 2014 1:34pm () in Flash

    Hi I would like to build on what Allanah has stated. . .

    Flash was never designed for Tablets (Most Tablets do not run Flash) Adobe who makes Flash will not support it on Tablets!

    Flash is a bit like the Dinosaur just prior to extinction - it will not be around for much longer. By the end of next year up to 80% of Web bowsing will be from a Tablet (iPad) and if you want your web site to be around you are now in the process of converting across from Flash to the alternatives (HTML5) that is iPad (Tablet) compatible

    So would not spend too much time finding a solution for a temporary problem! - that will be fixed by most web sites themselves.

  • Stuart Hale 16 Jun 2014 4:00pm () in Innovative iPad Schools to Visit

    Let's start a list of schools worth visiting in relation to effective use of iPads in education,

    I will start this off by adding a school that is a long way from NZ but staff are visiting New Zealand this month.

    One of the most innovative iPad schools I have visited is Monte Vista Christian School (Monterey Bay, USA). 1000 Students 1000 iPads. Monte Vista was the first adopter of iPads in the classroom. They have had a 1:1 iPad programme running since 2011 and provide some valuable form of PLD for others to benefit from. Full details for their NZ visit can be found in this calendar event.

    In light of schools sharing effective practice, do anyone know of any other NZ schools, willing to share effective practice around teaching and learning through iPads? Maybe we could start a list below.

  • Stuart Hale 05 Nov 2013 10:36am () in iPad Covers

    The case you get must work! - That is when it is dropped it will protect it - as it is not if it is dropped but when it is dropped.

    I often demo my case (Done over 300x) by bouncing it off the ceiling to hit the floor! I ask others there if I can test their case so far from audiences cumulating over 2000 teachers not one has offered their case and iPad to test!

    Over 700 of these cases have been placed in schools - not one report of damage due to the case failing!

    At $40 for the iPad case $33 for the mini 

    Schools need to make a decision on a case that works not just it is at a price point

    Contact me via email for more info!