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Marcus Norrish's discussion posts

  • Marcus Norrish 12 Mar 2012 8:55pm () in AirPlay Mirroring for iPad2

    Have been trying the reflection app and while I prefer the Apple TV, as a cost effective option, it seems to work really well.  I used it to present an iBook based presentation that was created in iBooks Author.  When presenting video in the iBook the audio went from perfect to loud static without warning - not good really Laughing  Does not happen while not projecting...so still working out where the fault is.  

  • Marcus Norrish 13 Feb 2012 8:07pm () in App Sharing

    Loving the Book Creator app at the moment.  I know its been around a while, but it has recently been updated to include the ability to record audio on each page.  Our kids are loving creating books and recording themselves reading it.  Easy to share to iBooks.


  • Marcus Norrish 28 Jun 2011 9:28pm () in App Sharing

    Hi everyone,

    It's great seeing the different apps being used.  I guess my greatest fear for the iPad is that it will end up being a games or 'fast finishers' machine in classrooms.  For me, I am looking for apps that support creativity or that can be used as a teaching tool/formative tool.

    Lots of people have mentioned Puppet Pals and it is great.  I have also been impressed with ArtRage, Beanstalk (eBook), iMovie and Comic Life.  Whiteboard is also a excellent teaching tool.  I have used this with a small group - an app on each device.  The cool thing is that is allows a group of iPads to share their screen, and with all users able to contribute.

    A fun app that grabs senior kids and parent attention is the IQ test Stupid.  Lots of fun and great problem solving.