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  • Tara T-J 10 Jul 2012 11:37pm () in Blue/Green screen video

    Hi there

    I agree the green works best on iMovie.  Quick tip, do make sure that you have the advanced tools enabled on iMovie.  iMovie comes with them disabled which can keep you guessing for a while.  To enable the advanced tools go to preferences and check 'show advanced tools'. Another problem I have encounted is that one of our uniform items is a green top which can be a real pain.  I often thought it would be good to have a screen that was green on one side and blue on the other for this reason.  Sometimes too you might notice that kids can come out looking quite washed out.  You can play with the colours on the video adjustments on iMovie to help fix this.

    We have a portable commercially made green screen at my current school.  Prior to this I used green cloth from spotlight which worked just as well.  

    A good intro to green screening is getting the kids to speak to an artwork they have done (something digital or simply a scanned artwork), Here is an example of this using the cheap spotlight screen (apologies for the sound issues). 

    Tara TJ

  • Tara T-J 25 Aug 2011 10:28am () in Mixing and mashing: How do your students manage copyright?

    Also Wikieducator is a great place to learn about creative commons.  There are good free courses there that I can highly recommend!

  • Tara T-J 24 Aug 2011 11:00am () in Mixing and mashing: How do your students manage copyright?

    Weirdly I just blogged about this very issue.  Jamendo is a great resource for music.  Wikimediacommons is good for images.  Laughing




  • Tara T-J 10 Jul 2011 9:07pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    Interestingly, since my last post, I have changed my planning methods.  I was lucky enough to attend educampTT where Helen King shared the way Pt England plan.  They do it all through Google Sites. 

    I have been playing around with this and have found that it has many advantages:

    1. - Everything is in the same place

    2. - It is easy to access past plans through the search function

    3. - It has enormous potential for collaboration within and outside your institution

    4. - If we are prepared to share it via a CC license - lessons can be remixed to suit your own class

    5. - It is a great way to reflect on your plans and link relevant blogposts of examples of how the plan went.

    6. - It seems to be less of a mundane sunday evening activity :)

    Here is an example of one my writing plans (please note these have been thrown together retrospectively as I have only just come accross this way of doing it).  I am hoping for a better result next term as I add things in 'live').  


    You can access everything from this link but bear in mind that it is a work in progress!


  • Tara T-J 27 Jun 2011 3:20pm () in How might we use Facebook/social media to connect to our school community?

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your helpful comments.  We have started the facebook page and our community is starting to join up, 'like', and comment on our posts.  We are holding a parent information evening for Maths and Literacy towards the end of the term which will be a good opportunity to get the word 'out there'  So far we have just over 30 members which have joined through word of mouth.

    We have gone in with the assumption (as stated in my blog post) that

    "My school has a community filled with competent, responsible, educated, and well intentioned people"

    Comments are enabled and all is well.

    Thank you for the points made about the 'other' facebook pages.  There are about 3 already out there .  I have posted on the 'other' walls a link to the 'official' page. And members have come over to ours.  That was quite an eyeopener!

    I am looking forward to see what comes of it all - we are definately going to use it to celebrate success which I think will draw more members too.

    I am very new to the VLN so only just found this conversation - all comments are much appreciated. :)

    Tara TJ

  • Tara T-J 27 Jun 2011 8:43pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    I use google calendar and where more detail is required I attach a google doc.

    I think this would be particularly powerful if you were in a school where everyone used these tools.  It would take collaborative planning to a whole new level.  Imagine opening your calendar one day to find the teacher next door had popped some planning in.  A bit of pipe dream for me at the moment.  It wont happen overnight ... but it will happen ;)