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Sharron Gray's discussion posts

  • Sharron Gray 26 Mar 2014 9:40am () in Minecraft Edu costs

    Hi we use minecraft edu in school, it is only available in the two IT rooms. We operate only whne we need it for lessons and have a group of senior students who run it at lunchtimes for the students. We have a small but active minecraft club. The students have set the rules around the use at lunchtimes and we have only had a couple of instances of students who have abused it. Funny thing was we did not need to take action, the students told them to leave and if they would not play nicely not to come back. We are in our second year now, purchased minecraft edu and 25 licenses.

    We use it in our year 9 program with a unit based on the key competencies. Can share more if interested.

  • Sharron Gray 24 Sep 2013 2:11pm () in Help needed with robotics

    We currently run a unit in which the students put together a robot dance routine. in groups they pick a theme, create the music audacity, create costumes, write a program routine for 3 robots.

    however the robots we have are done in....they are danced out! We are looking for replacement robots as this is a really popular unit with the student. The old robots were moway and are too expenIve to replace. Does anyone out there have a solution to our problem please.

  • Sharron Gray 05 Sep 2013 6:32pm () in Using Minecraft for Assessment

    I love what you are all doing, Tracy I visited your website, it is to use your students words "Awesome". Some fabulous ideas from you all for using minecraft, I am very keen to try some of it out with my classes. Thanks for sharing look forward to seeing more. Will keep an eye on the Harry Potter work, what a great idea.

  • Sharron Gray 25 Jul 2013 12:11pm () in Have any of you tried the world of humanties

    Would appreciate your thoughts on the world of humanties. looks fantastic intend to try it out next term with a class of students. Will keep you posted.


    The link

  • Sharron Gray 20 Jun 2013 8:48pm () in Just starting out with minecraft

    We were against minecraft as we saw it just as another distraction in school. However a couple of our students have brought us round. We have a student who sets up a temp server in the classroom at lunchtimes. They have since convinced us of it's educational worth and we have purchased minecraftedu and 25 licences. Our network manger is putting on the network for us so we can operate in our IT suites only. Will let you know how it goes but operating the way we are is not proving to be an issue. The two students have built a world for us which we will be trying out tomorrow with some year 9 students. (interestingly they are using this in their Achievment Standard as an HCI study)It is built to help teach digital citzenship. Again will fill you all in after tomorrow.