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  • iDave 29 Nov 2012 9:04pm () in Managing Multiple Tablets

    Hi - sorry about that - I read the email notification and immediately was thinking iPad - and didn't look at the group.  I will shift that post else where!

    I am very interested in what brand of tablet you are getting and how they go?

    The only thing I could add at this stage is the comment from that paost -  which applies to any device ...

    Best thing is to plan first!! -  sort out your legal requirements then decide how you want to use the tablets across the school -  then work out how to best to manage that using the tools available so you don't have to back track later.....

    I have had a little experience with Android tabs but not enough about a multiple rollout.  Look forward to hearing how it goes!

  • iDave 19 Nov 2012 1:06pm () in App Sharing
  • iDave 19 Oct 2012 10:29am () in iOS 6

    Hi Steve - we mainly use the Blogger App and it still works fine on OS6.  It is an iPhone app but we just hit the 2x button to fill the screen.  The other way the students blog is via email with an image  (a quick set up in Blogger).   We have a mail account set up on the iPad to send from.

  • iDave 14 Oct 2012 1:41pm () in The best interactive whiteboards/projectors?

    Hi Carol - a mix of junior and senior. We have them fixed to the wall - teachers choose where.  For some of our rooms it has solved issues with lighting.  60" seems to be a good size although this is smaller than a projector on a screen or the IWB.  Teachers with newer Macs love the airplay (no cables).  We trialed it in the staff room first.

  • iDave 13 Oct 2012 2:48pm () in The best interactive whiteboards/projectors?

    Hi Sam - one thing not to forget is planning for PD (incl cost) with what ever tech you bring on.  I don't mean how 'to drive it' PD (yes some of that is needed) but pedagogy stuff which fits the school vision.  Often schools forget the actual cost of PD both in (maybe) facilitator time and time for the teachers to develop.  Teachers spending hours of their own time is a hidden cost.

    Currently our school has Smartboards but interestingly enough some of the teachers are opting  for Apple TVs with a 60" TV ($1450) when it comes projector replacement. Don't forget to factor projector life/position and classroom light and  into the equation too.  The teachers are loving Airplay and the way that students can jump onto the screen with their Apple device. (The Apple TVs are connected via a network port to cut down wireless traffic)  We have on-sold some of the boards already. Incidentally the cost of ownership for the TVs is much lower. 

    Happy to discuss our journey further with you if it would help.



  • iDave 02 Oct 2012 8:58am () in iOS 6

    iOS 6 has new features but the great one for me is iOS6 can now upload photos from the camera roll to websites! Great for students working on the iPad and collaborating via Blogs and Wikis. eg you can access your camera role from the browser to upload an image to a Google site.

    (Apparently iOS6 deals better with a proxy - if true will be good for schools.)

  • iDave 30 Sep 2012 8:04pm () in Blue/Green screen video

    This is a bit delayed but a useful update for those who may be still interested.  While getting ready for a workshop I revisited chroma key on the PC

    Now have blue/green screen working with Windows Movie Maker 6.0 running on the evaluation version of Windows 8. Works well. (was running ok on Windows 7 too)   

    Using the 64 bit version of WMM 6.0 (free) and the set of filters called RehanFX.  The only thing I had to do was check the versions and install DirectX (from Microsoft online)     RehanFX does cost $15 but you can trial the blue/green effects and see how well they work for free.  (... and work around the watermark.......)  

    Note: this will not work with Movie Maker Live but you can have both installed.

    Let me know if interested in more detail.  (...and just bought more green material from Spotlight....)

  • iDave 30 Sep 2012 7:49pm () in App sharing

    Coache's Eye (video analysis) has been available on the iPad for a while - now on Android.  Great software designed for sports analysis but can be used for other things of course!

    Coache's Eye


  • iDave 17 Sep 2012 10:35pm () in help.apple.com/configurator/mac/1.0/

    No security issues.  There are a couple of ways of using it ranging from fully managing iPads (including users and their data) to  just using it to distribute software bought through volume licencing or to distribute certain settings only.   It is worth finding time to fully understand the configurator and to go thru ways of using it and then thinking how it might suit how your school wants to deploy (or control) school iPads.  

    Easy to use but the implications of what you are planning to do with it need to be understood.

    (IPads must be plugged into the single computer that you use the Configurator on and come back to that particular one for updates etc.  You can manage multiple iPads at once with the use of a usb hub)

    We have trialed it in various ways at school - and also attended a deployment workshop which helped clarify ways it can be used - and the implications!

  • iDave 02 Sep 2012 8:34pm () in App Sharing

    Have tried it and is worth getting - better that Avid which it replaces.   Has more options than iMovie (and free for the mo!!!..... I payed for Avid! :-)