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  • iDave 19 Aug 2013 2:29pm () in Google Apps vs Office 365

    Also look at the tools that each offer and what your students/teachers might use.  We find Google sites and Google Forms are used by many in our school.  Being able to link school accounts with other (Google) services like Blogger and Youtube is very convenient and having added Hapara to our set up has made the Google suite even more useful to teachers (there is a cost to Hapara though).

  • iDave 24 Jun 2013 8:09pm () in Apple tv

    Hi John

    Not sure if you have solved your issue.  We have Apple TVs etc and they all work well. We have an AP in every room - we used to have them spread for coverage but began to have problems with as more devices came on. Now we go for through-put which means more access points.  Our AppleTVs are also connected to the network via the ethernet port.  This help a lot as it cut down the wireles traffic to the ATV - we noticed a big improvement in reliability when we did that.   

  • iDave 06 Mar 2013 9:07am () in App Sharing

    IPEVO Whiteboard - I like this - you can draw on a live feed from your iPad camera.  All sorts of possibilities for interacting with the analogue world.  Streams well to AppleTV.  Oh and it's free! Smile




  • iDave 01 Mar 2013 11:41am () in How best to set up an iPad and account for a Special Ed ORS student

    I did exactly as Karen last year and the student has moved on to a new school this year without a hitch.  User details password etc were sent on to the new school and they changed the Apple ID to an email address at the new school.

    The interesting thing was software was supplied from Special Ed via a (VPP? or gifting - not sure) number but gifting means the software will stay forever with the user ID.  

  • iDave 28 Feb 2013 8:18pm () in BYOD in High Schools Windows Workspace To Go

    That is an interesting solution.  Do the 'sticks' authenticate to the school server?   Look forward to see how it goes.  

    Just out of interest, how does licensing work for the Windows 8 sticks?


  • iDave 25 Feb 2013 11:01am () in Connecting iPad to projector (wireless)

    Airserver is here http://www.airserverapp.com Smile   


  • iDave 25 Feb 2013 10:27am () in Connecting iPad to projector (wireless)

    Reflector  https://www.reflectorapp.com (App)

  • iDave 25 Feb 2013 9:35am () in Connecting iPad to projector (wireless)

    Agree - Apple TV is a good solution - if you do not have an HDMI projector you can get an adapter (Kanex ATV Pro about $60) for use with the AppleTV which will convert your HDMI signal from the AppleTV to vga which will play through an ordinary projector.  Note: you have to connect a speaker to the Kanex as VGA does not stream audio.

    Agree with Stuart about the wireless network!  We plug our AppleTV's directly into the network to save wireless traffic. (we have a lot of devices!)  The iPad still connects wirelessly.

    Reflector  https://www.reflectorapp.com (App) requires you to  have your computer connected to the projector and shows your iPad (wirelessly) on the computer screen - which shows on the data projector.  (audio and video)  Ties up 2 devices.  Mac or PC

    Have used both and prefer AppleTV (more reliable but can't argue with the price of Reflection)

  • iDave 14 Feb 2013 5:26pm () in Which tablets do you use?

    Be keen to know how you get on with that.

  • iDave 29 Nov 2012 9:12pm () in Managing Multiple Tablets

    I did find this http://www.tabpilot.com - a tablet management system - has a free and cost version which may be worth exploring.

    The main issue I have has was a proxy server at school on older versions of Android.  A blind proxy takes care of that but not all schools run that way.

    We ended up managing the proxy setting through Firefox browser.