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  • iDave 24 Mar 2017 8:09am () in Lightspeed

    Worked with a  school last year and recommended Lightspeed for the same reason(s) as Carol.  Set up through Cyclone (similar cost) as well and the school is very happy.  They were spending a huge amount of time (=$) trying to manage the iPads themselves.  

    Similar experience.

  • iDave 26 Sep 2014 9:29am () in Apple TV dropping off

    Hi  All

    We have about 20 or so AppleTV's and every now and then someone mentions the same thing.  Usually we have just updated the software and it seems to go away.   Sometimes a reboot seems to be needed - pulling the power out for 30 seconds.  We have ours set to sleep after an hour as 'always on' did not seem to be the best.  All our ATV's are connected via ethernet which definitely helps.

    Wireless network density does seem to effect things if you have a lot of devices (every student at our school has one or more).  We have an access point in every room.  

  • iDave 03 Apr 2014 3:12pm () in Google Apps for Education vs Office 365

    A couple of things we use lots with GAF are Google Forms and Google Sites.  We looked beyond just  'Office' type activities and so far feel the GAF gives the student more options - eg a greater range of tools and being able to link their account with Blogger or Youtube etc .  Another feature we use is adding 'tools' to the GAF menu eg Video notes and such  - and that GAF (or Google Docs)  was originally built on collaboration. 

    We use Hapara as well which has allowed our teachers to more easily to support student learning and we are not as 'print' focused as we used to be.

    There is no doubt that Office does 'Office' things better than GAF and we do miss Excel for the senior school........  We may consider adding 365 at a later date.

  • iDave 08 Mar 2014 9:55am () in Instant Alpha - Keynote and Pages

    Instant Alpha has made it to iPad (Keynote, Pages) Yay!


  • iDave 28 Feb 2014 2:25pm () in Another TV question...

    Either will do.  LED is cheaper to run.  We have Plasma (60") because they were much cheaper.  Although they are phasing out you may still be able to pick up some (we just installed 3 more last week).  60" LED were too expensive.

  • iDave 26 Feb 2014 1:50pm () in Tela leased MAC Laptops

    Interesting discussion! Yes I do agree about the speed - but Pete's comments are also very relevant - if your computer is not working efficiently then a faster computer will only be a faster not efficient computer… ;-)

    Depending on the usage, we have found that some of our Macs do not seem to handle (endlessly it seems) upgrading the OS and transferring (or migrating) users.  Over time some machines become sluggish and odd things happen for some users.  The fix for most (which has worked well for us) is to rebuild the user account.  This means recreating the account and specifically leaving out the old User Library folder - so a new one is created for the User.  We transfer the other data folders across (Desktop, Docs, Pictures etc) manually.  Mail and some other odd bits like Safari Settings also need to retrieved out of the Users old (hidden) Library folder.

    Unfortunately this is a 'manual job' which means time and a bit of expertise but we have had great success with it making a big difference to the user experience and has fixed some (seemly unfixable) issues for teachers.

    Note:  the new user startup takes a bit of time as the software recreates its entries in the new User Library.

    (None of our teacher laptops authenticate to a server - this can take time - and as mentioned already antivirus software can impede perfomance...........)

    Yes it is a last resort but ask your tech - hopefully they will play nice!

    Of course backing up is essential before any drastic measure

    Everyones computer use varies (what they do with it....) and some of our users machines still run smartly  after three years (including some updating) with no fixes at all!  ( and a student showed me hers this week - 5 years old and running 10.6  - and running really well).   

    Do agree - each new OSX release seems to demand more from the hardware.



  • iDave 24 Feb 2014 10:16am () in Secondary Physical Education - analysing movement video/photo capture

    Hi - here is a couple of links you might want to have a look at as well.  Some ideas for Apps for PE





  • iDave 19 Feb 2014 9:22am () in Tellagami and the SAMR model

    Yep  Allanah - Flick is my current favourite too - recommend it!Smile   Easy to use.


  • iDave 04 Sep 2013 1:48pm () in Ipad screen repairs

    We have used Fairfix (www.fairfix.co.nz)  and have been happy with the price and results.

  • iDave 03 Sep 2013 11:30am () in Hapara dashboard and ipads

    We are using Hapara with iPads and have found Google Drive seems to work the best.  Students are able to add docs to folders etc.  Full editing is not available via either the browser or Drive but the students have managed ok with Drive.