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Kathe Tawhiwhirangi's discussion posts

  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 01 Mar 2017 9:08am () in Invitation to join the pilot of Netsafe's Capability Review Tool

    Kia ora Karen

    I've just picked this up and fwded to some EM & MM kura.

    I hope they have the time, inclination and curiosity to come back to you 

    Sounds exciting


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 13 Feb 2017 10:20am () in Learning Licences, do they really work?

    Kia ora kotou katoa

    Just weighing in on this discussion and sharing a story...

    The day I invited my year 7 and 8 students to tell me what they believed a high performing listener, speaker and self manager looked like, was the day they co-constructed their own guides/rubrics/check ins. They created in 4 steps the traits/dispositions of a high performer in each of these areas, a low performer, and 2 graduated steps in between.

    They took responsibility for where they sat along the 'map' and on the odd occasion, I might have asked..."Ana, where are you sitting on the self managing map?"  She would check in with the traits and 99% of the time refigure herself without me needing to say any more than that. The fact that they had crafted this (the students) meant a deep connection and ownership of their learning. MAGIC!


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 21 Jul 2016 5:34pm () in FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Kia ora Amy

    MANY schools are using both the e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF) and Te Rangitukutuku (Māori medium eLPF)  They are such useful tools! (Can you tell I'm a tad biased here?? :-)

    Why: these tools invite schools/kura to self review alongside each of the 5 dimensions within the framework, to gauge their current e-learning positioning across their school

    How: there is a hard copy manner in which this can be addressed. Visually display these around your staffroom and have all staff walk around and chat and ask questions about each of the aspects that sit within the eLPF and then, position where they see the school positioned. There is also the online tool that takes about 20 mins to address. The difference here is, there is little interaction with anyone else during his time. This however, can be done in an asynchronous manner and anywhere at anytime. There are pros and cons whichever way you decide to address this :-)

    Note: there are 4 'voices' in this review - teachers, leaders, students, whānau :-)

    So what, now what? The cumulative data allows you to decide as a staff, which aspect or aspects, you want to progress. If you take into consideration your charter, the schools vision, student data and the data from this self review, you will have a big picture as to which area is the most useful one for you to progress at this time. With all voices involved in the co-construction of your collaborative inquiry, it won't take you too long at all to gain some huge momentum and shift :-)

    What also tends to happen, is that individual teacher inquiries start forming too!

    This translates into some change in teacher practice, flow on into classroom programmes, and a strong 21C culture operating - if you're not already learning and teaching in this way

    My personal preference? 1st time through the self review process, a visual and interactive positioning. session

    After that? an online version.

    Returning to this review (how ever many times you do this) allows for a compare and contrast picture to form for you all. It is very exciting when schools can view these graphs and see the shift they have made :-)

    Go well on your journey here!!

    Any queries, feel free to get back to me :-)


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 18 May 2015 6:15pm () in E-portfolio templates

    Kia ora Erana

    How coincidental! Two opportunities to connect with you in one day :-) While I don't have templates per se, I can share some links of what some schools are doing? Given you are considering coming into the LwDT PLD, there may be some one on one time that could be generated too?

    In the meantime,this presentation  might be useful? It was  a mix of Kaiako e-Portfolio discussions as well as student possibilities ...  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16kBC9sY9g92lLj_QTWZryG8rbEAfGCC8kMcecfmVMb8/edit#slide=id.p37 


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 26 Mar 2015 9:41am () in ePortfolio's in Primary Schools

    Kia ora Gareth

    I've been lucky enough to see many good examples of e-Portfolios across many schools. Equally, I was fortunate enough to be 'taught' about e-Portfolios from my Y7-10 students (back in the day) when we decided to use gPresentation as our platform - in 2007. Prior to that however, some readings, high-end examples and giving 'sandpit' time for our staff to 'play' with their own Teacher e-Portfolio, proved hugely successful as a school-wide focus.

    Coming to the table informed after our readings, video clips and real-life examples, meant that we had some rich and rigorous discussion around whether this was something we were gong to progress or not. Once we had come to shared and common understandings around purpose - audience - expected outcomes, this all fell into place quite nicely. We invited our staff to 'choose their weapons' (meaning choose whichever 'tool' they wanted to explore) and then feedback their experience to us all. What became evident really quickly was that the 'tool' was not necessarily the key point here but the WHY - WHAT & HOW. When I started to introduce to my students a slightly different way of learning, they took to this like ducks to water.


    • personalised learning
    • owning their learning
    • driving their learning
    • opportunities for creativity
    • feed-in from outside the 4 walls of our classroom
    • whānau from off-shore were invited in to view and comment on their learning
    • choice of collaboration with peers
    • their learning was used as a reference point for them, me and their whānau
    • the ability to access their work anywhere, anyhow and off any platform
    • they could choose to work anytime outside 9-3pm at school (as well as during the school day :-)

    I could go on but I'll stop about now :-)

    You might be able to tell how biased I am with this particular way of learning for students! :-)

    Feel free to make contact if you'd like to have further discussion

    Go well!



  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 25 Mar 2015 1:39pm () in Use of digital technology in culturally responsive practice

    Kia ora Ros

    In my mind, this one statement is made up of 3 parts...

    • digital technologies - what do your staff consider 'digital technologies'?
    • embedded in learning - what does this look like at your school?
    • culturally responsive practice - is there shared and common understandings as to what this means at your school?

    These statements in the eLPF do encourage us to discuss further in our schools what these mean, and look like for us, before we decide at what stage we are at. Currently this aspect is one that we're being inundated with for requests for support. I do not believe that there is one hard and fast answer here - hence my adding to your questions :-) Many schools are realising that culturally responsive practice is an area of need so there is still lots of learning to be had. Documentation  that you may find useful are the MOE's - Tataiako Competencies & Ka Hikitia - to name a couple.

    Some considerations may be....

    • when we have manuhiri visiting, is it OK to be on our devices?
    • how do we like being treated and are we treating others as well, both offline and online?
    • when someone asks for assistance, is it OK to ignore them?
    • when we're capturing footage (audio, images) have we asked permission to do so?
    • are we assuming that everyone works in the same way?
    • are we honouring all learning styles?

    OK, now I'm starting to babble so I will stop.

    Feel free to make contact if you'd like to discuss this further. I can think of a couple of schools that it may be useful for you to contact?


    Ngā mihi

  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 28 Jul 2014 12:00pm () in The Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework/Te Rangitukutuku

    Kia ora everyone -as the Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework (MMeLPF)/Te Rangitukutuku gains traction in our Maori medium settings, how have you self reviewed your schools e-Capability? Have you used Te Rangitukutuku? or something else? Whatever you have done...has it been useful to date? Please share your stories so that we can all benefit from your journeys :-)

  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 14 Feb 2014 5:30pm () in MLEs: That’s just a classroom with a beanbag isn’t it?

    Great idea Margot :-) Thanks for starting this off. Cheers

  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 26 Aug 2013 5:53pm () in Introducing...the Central South community online

    Kia ora Laura. GREAT to see you in here. Welcome aboard - and all! Looking fwd to meeting you. Meanwhile...chat away to us and we will respond :-)  Cheers

  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi 26 Aug 2013 5:52pm () in Introducing...the Central South community online

    Kia ora Nick - welcome aboard! WOW! Mike's tips are pretty good you say? You could be right there! :-)  Do enjoy the space! Looking fwd to catching up with you at some stage. Meanwhile, enjoy this online space to connect with everyone. Cheers