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Suzie Vesper's discussion posts

  • Suzie Vesper 31 Jul 2013 9:41pm () in Challenging the top readers

    Thanks for the link Anne :)

  • Suzie Vesper 29 Jun 2013 11:28pm () in Challenging the top readers

    Here I am back again talking about GATE kids but this time my thoughts are concerning your top readers. I have had a group of five working on Lord of the Flies and working through a Year 10 English unit but they feel they want even more challenge and want to read their own books. I still want the rigorous discussion of texts that they've been having in their reciprocal reading sessions while still giving them more choice. I've been thinking about getting them to each put forward a book they think the others will enjoy and then creating their own activities and study guide to go with that book for the others to then complete but that will take a while to work through and means the group sessions won't be able to work in the way they have this term. So basically I am still mulling things over. What are others doing?

  • Suzie Vesper 29 Jun 2013 11:23pm () in Year 7 teacher beginning on the e-learning journey

    Welcome Anna! The e-learning round ups here on the VLN are quite helpful too to get an idea of what people are doing.

  • Suzie Vesper 29 Jun 2013 11:22pm () in Inquiry Learning

    Come on - poos sounds a great topic. In all seriousness, I am not sure I have any great ideas. We've been doing a focus on conflicts recently and the kids enjoyed looking at a range of historical and modern day conflicts and their causes and effects. Not sure that is what you are after though.

  • Suzie Vesper 03 Jun 2013 10:03pm () in Google Apps - how do we embed their use in classroom programmes?

    I had the exact same problem with my Year 7/8 students and it was because they had tried to go in to Google + and entered their date of birth and then been blocked. As the admin of Google Apps, I went in to the back end and turned off Google + for the domain which meant that the kids weren't clicking the link to join and therefore being locked out. I had to redo a few of the accounts where they were blocked before I changed the setting.

  • Suzie Vesper 31 May 2013 4:05pm () in Number of posts

    Cool - we've adapted the guidelines now so that they just say to blog as often as you can. This helps out those of us with pressured timetables!

  • Suzie Vesper 26 May 2013 3:04pm () in Number of posts

    Hi all. Just a thought about the number of blog posts suggested for when you are the lead blog. I don't think I can maintain a blog post a day in our Year 7/8 class with so many other disruptions to our week such as technology, winter sport etc.  Could we take the pressure off and set a minimum of a couple of posts? Students could still go through and comment on previous blog posts as well as the those posted during the week. What do people think?

  • Suzie Vesper 18 May 2013 5:38pm () in Blog links

    Cool - Quadblogging Aotearoa sounds like a great idea.  Are you going to set up the VLN group too Barbara?

    As for what we are using, we have Google Docs for the kid's work and for things like online homework sheets and my own planning and assessment. I also use Edmodo as a kind of internal dialogue space with a place to put links for specific stuff we are working on as well.  I now plan the blog to be our 'outwards face' where we share some stuff with our parents and other students.

  • Suzie Vesper 16 May 2013 9:54pm () in Blog links

    Hi all - I've literally just set up our classroom blog but this got me thinking about making some connections to other blogs using this forum. You might have heard of quad-blogging where the classes spend a week focusing on each blog of the four schools in the group. I wondered if we could do something similar amongst ourselves. Anyone else keen?  Our first blog post is now up:


  • Suzie Vesper 16 May 2013 9:48pm () in Extending your top mathematicians

    Love the idea of the iTunes U course. Is this something that can be shared so we can see how you've done it?