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Lorna Biddington's discussion posts

  • Lorna Biddington 20 Jun 2012 7:30pm () in What has worked well?

    I agree WORDLE is great to introduce units. I did it with recount writing. The students wrote a definition of what a recount is and we put those definitions into the wordle. Students love it.

  • Lorna Biddington 17 May 2012 9:20pm () in Getting to know each other

    Kapiti College sounds very similar to Riccarton High. Last year we started the new level 1 literacy pathway. It was a crazy year, with me being new to Riccarton, the earthquake etc, but we managed to get some portoflios through successful moderation. My HOD Angela Bland is doing a presentation at this at CLESOL this year (unfortunately I will be in Japan at the time) She is also helping with a presentation on the EAP standards. She did two last year, and is doing the same two this year (I can't remember the standard numbers off the top of my head). She is not currently on VLN, but hopefully will be soon. We are definately looking at the L4 US as a UE pathway from 2014. My colleagues Level 2 class currently does a mix of L2 ENGLISH AS and L4 ESOL US. My level 2 class does a mix of L2 ENGLISH AS and L3 ESOL US. Many students take two years to get L2 Literacy. We have three L1 classes. One of them focuses mainly on L1 ENGLISH AS with a few ESOL US, and the other two do mainly L2 ESOL US. There is certainly a lot of changes at the moment! I am only just starting to think about L2 and UE pathways, as I have been concentrating on the new L1 pathways

  • Lorna Biddington 17 May 2012 9:08pm () in Getting to know each other

    Hi Fiona

    Yes, a colleague of mine (who is no longer in the ESOL department) used to use this. O am currently trying to find out what kind of lincence we have! Thanks for your thoughts :)

  • Lorna Biddington 13 May 2012 4:44pm () in Getting to know each other

    My name is Lorna, and I teach ESOL at Riccarton High School. We have a good mix of permanent residents and International fee payers. I teach all senior classes and they are all quite big (smallest is 23) and varied in terms of language level and ethnicity. My students do a mix of ESOL unit standards and English achivement standards. The majority of them are trying to get Level 1 literacy (through both pathways) or Level2.

    I am looking at increasing my use of ICT in my classroom to increase the engagement and learning of my students in an efficient way. I find the bigest problem is finding time in the 4 hours a week I have them to work on their language needs as well as gaining credits! I also want to use ICT to try give my higher level students a chance to try and extend themselves and encourage my lower level students to 'keep at it'  in their own time.